Monday, February 28, 2011

Vancouver, Canada

Fast trip to L.A and Welcome back to Vancouver.

Suri and Katie enjoyed a brief and fleeting trip to LA, where they met with some friends on Saturday 26. On sunday 27, were seen again in Vancouver, Canada, where they did some shopping and went for a few cupcakes in the sweet and funny store: "CUPCAKES by Heather & Lori"

Suri is wearing the Fucsia Hooded Faux Fur Jacket (only available in some stores for $260) by BLAUER JUNIOR.

Thanks so much to Ali (Blauer Staff) for send us this info

with Kids Classic Boot in pink ($90) by UGG AUSTRALIA (she first wore on december 17th, 2010)

and Reni Dress-Pink zebra print long sleeve by Esme 2009 F/W Collection ....(out of stock and she first wore on march 18th, 2010- No pictures by special request of the manager of Esme Loungewear, due to a restructuring period of the brand)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Suri & Katie: Back in L.A

A less stylish Katie returned from Italy and the first thing she did was meet with her daughter Suri (yesterday february 26) ,who enjoyed the absence of Katie in Starbucks with her nannies in Vancouver, Canada. Mother and daughter enjoyed a reunion with some friends and a lot of Angelina Ballerina dolls lol!! :)

Suri is wearing another of the first creation of Holmes & Yang from F/W´2008, an orange-tone dress with printed sheets. Also, she use the Preppy Striped Cardigan in heather grey with pink stripes by JUICY COUTURE (sold out).

And she is carrying the Angelina Ballerina-Cloth 18 inch doll ($47.95) by MADAME ALEXANDER.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Suri is holding on february 21-22, the Hello Kitty Pink Clutche Wallet by SANRIO. This item is completely out of stock and belongs to the 2009 Collection of Sanrio.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A New Bag for Suri??!!

OK, if this is true, I imagine that Suri should be a privileged to have this expensive accessory and I suppose Blair Waldorf must be boiling to see this lol!!!

In recent photos I noticed a small white bag. At first I thought it was Suri's nanny but then I realized that the bag in too small for her and was there when I thought... ok, why not Suri?
If she has a miniature of Salvatore Ferragamo, why she cant have a bag of the new collection of Dolce & Gabbana value on $1800?

Well... It's time for me to talk about one of my biggest fashion-related loves. I'm talking about the iconic Dolce&Gabbana Miss Sicily Bag, an iconic bag that year after year reinvents herself, conquering countless fans around the world.The model that you can see in the image below follows the mood of the S/S 2011 women collection, a collection dominated by white. And white is in fact the soft buffalo leather used to create this amazing bag. White is also the color used for the romantic macramé detail which borders the vinyl detail on both sides of the bag.This version of the Miss Sicily Bag also reveals an internal detachable coin pouch, and obviously the iconic golden logo-plaque applied on frontal flap.

What do you think about this immaculate version? Do you like it for Suri? I have to say that I really love it and look perfect on suri! :)

Vancouver, Canada

Suri´s Routine on Starbucks

Apparently Suri not only repeats her clothes when like it, also where it goes. Enjoy more pictures of Suri with her nannies today in Starbucks.

Suri is wearing the Girl's Tiered Sweater Dress in pink (on sale for $49.99) by JUICY COUTURE with the Kids cowboy bronco rain boot ($39) by DAV (she first wore on january 7)

Finally!!! Suri change her jacket yay!!!!... This time she used the Hooded Jacket in Pink by ARMANI JUNIOR F/W´10 (on sale for $172.50)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vancouver, Canada

A thinker Suri stop for Hot Cocoa with Nannies.

Suri Cruise hold onto her cup of hot chocolate after stopping at Starbucks with her nannies on Wednesday (February 23) in Vancouver, Canada. Suri loves Starbucks as this was the second day in a row she went with her staff.

Suri is wearing one of the first creations of her mother Katie for HOLMES & YANG, the Girl´s polka white/black dress. Suri wore this dress for the first time on August 2008 in NY.

with the kids cowboy bronco rain boot ($39) by DAV (she first wore on january 7) and of courses, her inseparable Faux fur Delicieuse jacket ($135) by ELIANE ET LENA KIDS.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vancouver, Canada

Suri: Starbucks Stop in Pink Outfit
(she buy the coffes and hot chocolate with her own Starbucks card)

Suri pick up a warm drink, in a pretty pink outfit, including nails, with her nanny and bodyguard on tuesday (february 22) in Vancouver , Canada.

AWESOME!!!... Apparently the rumors that Suri had her own credit card was completely true. Last year came out a rumor that Tom and Katie had given to Suri her own credit card. To teach the girl the value of money and objects that she want.... Well it was ALL true, because apparently this time Suri invited her nanny and bodyguard for a few coffes and hot chocolate for she and paid with her own Starbucks card Lol! ;)

Suri used again the Faux fur Delicieuse jacket ($135) by ELIANE ET LENA KIDS with the Frances Flats grey shoes by FLORA & HENRI (out of stock)... but this time she also is wearing the Lenvol Cerise Dress ($42, this is the best price) by LILI GAUFRETTE.


Tom & Suri: Let´s read VANITY FAIR
at the library!

When ordinary children prefer to read tender adventures with princesses, dragons, elves and
fairies... Suri spend her time learning about the latest details of fashion reading Vanity Fair Magazine.

Yesterday (february 21) Tom & Suri do some light reading at the Vancouver Public Library in the kids section.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Vancouver, Canada

Suri & Nanny: Girl´s Fun Day

Clutching a little pink purse and wearing her favorite faux fur coat, 4 1/2-year-old Suri Cruise headed out in Vancouver, BC today with her nanny (February 21). The pretty preschooler is in town while her dad Tom Cruise films Mission Impossible IV.

Suri is wearing one of her favourite outfits, the Faux fur Delicieuse jacket ($135) by ELIANE ET LENA KIDS with the Frances Flats grey shoes by FLORA & HENRI (out of stock).

But this time.... Suri use a new and unseen dress :) - The Girl's Hilly Silk Dotted Dress ($150) by LITTLE MARC JACOBS

UPDATE: In the night, Tom steps out with Suri for dinner at JOE FORTE STEAK AND SEAFOOD HOUSE.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Exclusive Picture:

I knew that Suri visist NY earlier this week because a friend saw her at the Bowery Bar (on february 12th) but unfortunately no photos of the moment. But Katie and Suri not only visit the Bowery Bar, our amazing MINNIE send us this picture that corresponds to February 14th, when Katie and Suri made a short Valentine's visit to the toy store in NY and someone took a picture of the picture of the camera... lol!

Suri is wearing Girl's Tiered Sweater Dress in pink ($138) by JUICY COUTURE and the Suede Black and Silver Mary-Jane Shoes by PETITE MALOLES (she first wore on december 16th 2010)


Suri now choose the mommy's makeup.

We knew the good taste that Suri Cruise has when she choice her outfits, but the prodigy child surprise us every day. Now it seems that the little girl of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes also easy to choose the makeup that her mother will look at the most glamorous Hollywood parties. A luxury daughter.

Katie has very well taught to Suri. Last month, mother and daughter were spotted shopping in Toronto and apparently, the lovable chose a wide range of makeup products for your mom.

"Suri took more than $ 1,300 in products from Sephora" has published the magazine Life & Style. "Her favorites were from Laura Mercier and Samshbox and the gloss of Tarina Tarantino and Bliss' Lemon + Sage Body Butter, " a source adds.

And the girl is not stupid and knows exactly what he wants, what counts and what does not "She has an amazing taste to be so small, " said a clerk at the store.

Hollywood to tremble when Suri gets older!!! :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Holmes & Yang: Launched today at Barneys!!!

Today was the launch of the new Holmes & Yang collection at Barneys in Dallas and Kristal Schlegel posted on her twitter a picture of Katie at launch....

"Met Katie Holmes at the launch of her line today at Barneys! Love the collection! She rocks!"

Katie was the launch accompanied by Suri (hanging out on the floor, playing) , perhaps because it is their main source of inspiration. For our part, congratulations Katie and Jeanne, we hope to see soon updates about Holmes&Yang Kids.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Used in the Past: "Bonpoint"

OMG!, I'm too happy, for years, yes, years, I have tirelessly looking for a dress that Suri wore on several occasions during 2008.

Today I finally found, it is the Main Brode Dress by Bonpoint. I must say that had the opportunity to see the dress in detail and is really beautiful and simple. This dress is from Bonpoint's 'brode main' range and is hand finished. It has lots of embroidered detail, and a full triple layer netting under skirt and detailed beaded buds along the embroidered branches sewn around the hem. Fully lined and fastens with a long back zip and the pink and gold flower detail ties at the waist. The dress is from the collection S/S 2007 and obviously not available but we now know is Bonpoint.

Suri wore this dress on July 2nd 2008 (in L.A), August 17th 2008 (inside Bonpoint store and Central Park) and October 7th 2008 (leaving her NY apartment)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vancouver, Canada.

The Science World of Suri

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes make their way into Science World with their daughter Suri on Wednesday (February 9) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 48-year-old actor shielded Suri from photographers with a blanket while being escorted into the center by a tour guide.

It's a bit repetitive replace what Suri is wearing, especially if the third or fourth time she wears the same outfit lol!... Anyway, she use the 'Lollipop' Swing black Dress (on sale for $38) by ME&KO (she first wore on november 21th 2010), black stars printed flats by GAP KIDS (only available in some retails stores and she first wore on january 24th 2011) and her favourite faux fur Delicieuse jacket ($135.20) by the french brand ELIANE ET LENA KIDS.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dinner Out

Cruise Family: Thai Food Dinner

Tom Cruise held Suri's hand as they left a Thai restaurant in Vancouver last night (february 7 ) Suri had a band-aid on her knee, but that didn't slow her down as she skipped out of the restaurant.

Suri is wearing the Grey Purse Tee Top by GAP (only available in some stores)

with the Basketball Sparkle heart shoes by H&M (this shoes are from the collection of last summer but in canada are still available and Katie bought there, so if you live in Canada... good luck!)

and her favourite faux fur Delicieuse jacket ($135.20) by the french brand ELIANE ET LENA KIDS.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

I thank for this picture to the adorable, sweet and always welcome...

This photo is from a trip to the "ALLURE OF THE SEA" that Katie and Suri made for the shooting of Katie's new movie "Jack and Jill" on november 21th 2010.

Suri used one of their favorite brands, ESME loungewear, but at the request of Catherine Lee (corporate management), who contacted us and congratulated for the work done in our blog, we can not put the link or place where you can find this flower tank set because ESME loungewear brand is undergoing a restructuring period and most likely the brand name change.

and she also wore the Disney Dazzle Shimmer Flat ($22.84) by STRIDE RITE.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Vancouver, Canada.

Update of yesterday (february 2):

Suri Cruise does a bit of shopping on Wednesday (February 2) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The 4-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes spent time at the cosmetics counter of Holt Renfrew with mom and tested lipstick colors on the back of her hand.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vancouver, Canada.

Katie, Suri & Bella: Afternoon in Vancouver

Katie Holmes goes for a Starbucks run with her daughter Suri and step-daughter Isabella on Wednesday (February 2) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 32-year-old got Suri a large, warm cup of hot cocoa and a giant lollipop! After warming up at Starbucks, Katie and the girls went for a little bit of shopping at Holt Renfrew.

Suri is wearing the 'Lollipop' Swing black Dress (on sale for $38) by ME&KO (she first wore on november 21th 2010)

and the black stars printed flats by GAP KIDS (only available in some retails stores and she first wore on january 24th 2011)