Sunday, June 27, 2010


Suri: Ontario Ice Cream sweet!!!

Katie Holmes holds on to daughter Suri as the two leave Whittamore’s Farm in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Suri Wearing a "I Love Dancing" Nightgown by CARTER´S.

Source: Just Jared

Friday, June 25, 2010

Canada: June 24

Katie and Suri: Sweet Toronto Home!!!!

As part of her new series, "THE KENNEDY´S", Katie and Suri moved to Toronto, Canada. According to my sources, Katie will remain in Toronto until September, so our adorable Suri will take some months to see a new city.

The lovely couple of shoppers didn´t wait and have come to explored the city this Thursday (june 24) , and better, have gone to buy some toys in K&,M International , ice cream and cupcakes in Baskin Robbins and visited Juicy store in Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Centre......OMG!!!! funny and busy day for little Suri!!!! :)

Suri wearing a lovely J.crew outfit. She used a Girls' sequin heart tee in light ginger color, Stretch jungle jane leggings in black and Printed floral ballet flats with strap (this shoes are from the past season, so, not available online)

Suri also carring a Plush Vibes Mint Tiger 12" by K&M International toys.

Picture Source: Suri Cruise Italy (Thanks to my dear friend Vania)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Return Home

Suri Cruise: Super Marker Girl!!!

Katie Holmes and Suri returned home after a full-day photo shoot on Tuesday (June 22). Suri had a blast drawing all over her legs with a blue marker!.....OMG!!!! ....She is a REAL PAINTING ARTIST :).....

Sorry, but I love the way Katie is raising Suri, she's a free girl, can do whatever she wants, even experience how look her legs "marked by a marker".

Suri wearing a a Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress in Orange from Sunset Collection 2009 by GAP KIDS.

and she carring a Piper Piglet Small by JELLYCAT.

Source: Celebrity Baby Scoop
Katie, Suri and Bella Around the City.

Katie Holmes carried a sleepy Suri as step-daughter Isabella came along to explore the city.

Suri wearing (OMG!!!! AGAIN) the Girls long sleeve nightgown with lilac stars by ESME LOUNGEWEAR from F/W 2009 Collection.

Source: Just Jared

Monday, June 21, 2010

Shy Girl

Suri arriving to NY
Katie Holmes carries her sleepy daughter, Suri Cruise, as they walk back to their New York City on Monday (June 21).

Also heading home was Katie’s step-daughter, Isabella Cruise!...Earlier in the day, Tom Cruise was seen arriving in NYC with Suri via helicopter.

Suri wearing her favourite loungewear, the Girls long sleeve nightgown with lilac stars by ESME LOUNGEWEAR from F/W 2009 Collection ...available only in short sleeve :(....She used this outfit before on april 5 also in NY

Source: Just Jared

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sevilla, Spain.

Suri returns to Spain!!!!

Tom Cruise, wife Katie Holmes and their 4-year-old daughter Suri were spotted arriving in Seville, Spain on Tuesday (July 15).

Tom and his costar Cameron Diaz are set to attend the big premiere of their new film "Knight And Day", which was mostly shot in Seville. The Cruise were in Spain last December 2009.

***I looking for better pictures to see was wearing our adorable Suri :), but here are two exclusive photos for SURI CRUISE CLOTHES BLOG :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Suri and her new toys ..... a iPAD!!!!

An eyewitness tells Life & Style Suri played with her new iPad while at dinner at Il Cantinori in NYC on May 24 with parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Unlike most children's toys which typically cost under $100, the iPad cost ranges from $499-$829 depending on the number of gigabytes.

The eyewitness tells Life & Style Suri put her stuffed animals aside to use a drawing program on the expensive piece of equipment while Tom and Katie carried on a conversation with dining partners. She played with the iPad for about 20 minutes before the family headed out of the restaurant just before midnight.

Source: Life & Style