Friday, August 26, 2011

Katie & Suri: Out in L.A

Katie holds hands with her adorable daughter Suri while heading into an office building on Friday (August 26) in Beverly Hills, Calif. 

Suri is wearing the Girl's Tiered Sweater Dress in pink ($138) by JUICY COUTURE (She first wore on january 29) with Butterflies Flip-Flops ( she first wore on june 13th) and she accessorized her outfit with Floral Print Bag from Rainforest Collection 2009 (she first hold this bag on september 29, 2009 in Boston, MA), both by GAP KIDS.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Suri SPEAKS!!!!

Awww....hear her little voice!!!

<a href='' target='_new' title='Suri Cruise Asks Photogs to Take Pictures of Her Doll' >Video: Suri Cruise Asks Photogs to Take Pictures of Her Doll</a>

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Matching Outfit with her "Twin Doll"!
Katie Holmes holds onto her adorable daughter Suri as they head to a helicopter for a ride out of Manhattan on Wednesday evening (August 17) in New York City.

Suri is wearing Kanani's Hawaiian Dress ($48) for Girls and holding (**2**) Kanani Doll & Paperback Book ($100), both by AMERICAN GIRL.

Out with Katie!

Katie Holmes carries her daughter, Suri, out to a waiting car as they leave their apartment on Wednesday (August 17) in New York City.

Suri is wearing the same outfit of yesterday. More info HERE and she is holding the Kit's Doll (judging for the shoes would be THIS) in I love Ballet Outfit from 2007 by AMERICAN GIRL. You can still get this doll´s outfit HERE

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Watch out Blair Waldorf, Suri Cruise is in town!

***Two outfits for the same day! WOW!

Suri Cruise was snapped this afternoon out and about with her nanny in NYC. There seems to be no denying Suri’s love for dressing up. She’s adorable in her bright pinks, blues, and purples! That hat is just precious! It’s hard to believe she’s only 5, isn’t it? She look so much older in her fashionable little outfit.

Suri is wearing another Ballroom Heels and as always she removed the strap LOL!.  Could be any shoe so here are just a option.

She also wearing Fur Fux Jacket from F/W 2010 by H&M KIDS (out of stock, she first wore on september 22th 2010) and the Tiered Ruffle Dress from Hamptons Collection 2010 by GAP KIDS (she first wore on june 21th 2011, out of stock)


***I´m looking for these gold heels! any info pls comment or write me ;)

More pictures from today:

Thanks so much to MADY!

O.M.G! you understand why I love to see Suri in NYC?!!!! (LOL)

Suri and her nanny leaving their apartment today (august 16) in NYC.

Suri is wearing Tropic Zone Dress ($56) by DKNY KIDS

with Melody Mocassin Shoes (on sale for $60.40) by VENETTINI

and.... This are most probably mommy´s Armani Black Fedora Hat but look gorgeous on Suri. 

she is holding the Bitty Baby ($48) by AMERICAN GIRL

Suri also is wearing Fur Fux Jacket from F/W 2010 by H&M KIDS (out of stock, she first wore on september 22th 2010)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Suri out and about in NYC!

Last week, Katie, Suri and some friends enjoyed the streets of NYC. Sorry for the bad quality pictures but these are the only. 

In the first picture, Suri is wearing the Tiered Ruffle Dress from Hamptons Collection 2010 by GAP KIDS (she first wore on june 21th 2011, out of stock). In the 2nd picture she wearing Broomstick Pleated Dress in Nectar from S/S Collection 2010 by KID BY PHILLIP LIM (she first wore on july 10th 2010, out of stock).

Thx so much for these picture to Clay_Tone

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Leaving NYC!

Suri said bye NYC under her umbrella. The family was leaving their New York City Apartment, to get into a car to be whisked off in a helicopter.

Omg! So sorry for the slow update about suri´s outfit, but I was a little busy with my college´s tests (^.^)

She is wearing Ditsy Floral dress for S/S 2011 by Juicy Couture (sold out)


HUGE HUGE THX to anonymous12 for dress stock picture. I have no words to thank all the help of my dear readers. 

and she carried the Hello Kitty Plush Toy by SANRIO and Snowflake Pajama Doll ($124) by AMERICAN GIRL.

***Suri umbrella it´s a old item and she first wore on April 1st 2010

Update from yesterday!

Gymnastics Suri at Chelsea Piers!

Aww! Cute...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Daddy and Me Time!

Suri spend the afternoon with daddy Tom at Chelsea Piers today (august 8).

Suri is wearing Tulle Stars Lime Skirt for Neon Collection 2011 by GAP KIDS (still available in some stores)

Also she is wearing Pink Skirted Leotard (sold out) by H&M (she first wore on january 9) and Silver Ballet Flats (130,00 €) by Repetto (she first wore on july 26)

Arrive in NYC!

Ok...this is so cool for me LOL because Suri is back in NYC and this means that she will dressed with style (as always on nyc) and we will can forget her last outfit!!! LOL

The Cruise´s Family arrived today monday (August 8) to  New York City. Then, Katie carries her daughter, Suri, across the street as they head to their apartment in Upper East Side.

*** Suri is wearing a white nightgown and pink slippers (more info later)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Busy Mommy!

***Awww!!! Isn't she ADORABLE? 

***Outfit (not good, are that black socks necessary?), Stroller (cute), Doll (tender), Purse (so stylish), baby care (still in practise!!!) LOL 

Katie takes a stroll with her daughter Suri on Saturday (August 6) in L.A. The 5-year-old cutie pushed one of her dolls in a baby carriage and carried a small purse. Late last month, Suri pushed another one of her dolls in a different carriages!!!!

Suri is wearing the Embroidered Knit Top from F/W 2010 by H&M KIDS (out of stock)

Thx so much to Cynthi for the top stock picture!

with Glicine Mary Jane Shoe ($46.90) by LELLI KELLY (Suri bought these shoes at Riginals in July 2nd 2010).

and she is pushing the Small Stroller ($34.99) and inside Calin Yang doll ($34.95), both by COROLLE. Baby´s entertainment is the little Hello Kitty Key-Clip ($2.99) by TY.

Suri also is wearing the Cherry Etnie Print Skirt from S/S 2009 by SEED CHILD (out of stock, she first wore on june 30)