Thursday, November 24, 2011

In Suri`s Wardrobe : Bloch

I just found Suri´s "trash-shoes" LOL. I know that she looks so cute on those heels BUT come on!! a hole on the toe it´s not "Suri´s Style" (^.^)

Anyway this has an explanation. These shoes wasn´t made to walk around the streets even if are the glamorous "Upper East Side". These heels are "ballroom shoes" so was made ​​to be used in rooms with floors suitable for dancing. Therefore, if you used in unsuitable places most likely to break easily as Suri.

Suri wore these Ballroom heels on several times during her last trip to NYC on early november and as ALWAYS she removed the strap. These are the Syllabus Accent shoes by Bloch and you can get it for $23 or £14.95

Saturday, November 19, 2011


HUGE thanks to SASA for the video of Tom & Suri Skating!!

Tom & Suri: Ice skating at Pittsburgh!

Apparently Pittsburgh in the new Hollywood (lol). Tom, Katie and Suri recently enjoyed ice skating moments and many fans saw how Tom taught Suri to skate today november 19, 2011. 

Thanks so much to CASEY for take this picture and sent it in exclusive for Suri Cruise Clothes Blog!

Suri is wearing Little Ella Kaleidoscope Set (sold out, she first wore the top of this set on july 26.)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Update: November 8, 2011

On november 8, Suri was spotted at American Girl Store in NYC. She´s wearing Pale Pink Tulle Dress from S/S 2011 by Miss Grant (out of stock) 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Suri´s Roar!

Katie Holmes and her daughter  Suri brave the chilly weather on Thursday night (November 10) in New York City.The 32-year-old actress carried her daughter as she made funny faces!

Suri is wearing her favorite Fur Fux Jacket from F/W 2010 by H&M KIDS (out of stock, first wore on september 22th 2010) and she carried Bitty´s Travel Seat ($42) & Bitty Baby ($48) by American Girl Store. Katie also holds Little Giraffe Stuffed Animal ($42)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pink Cutie!

Suri Cruise was all about funny faces this afternoon leaving her Manhattan apartment on her mom Katie Holmes's hip.

***Sorry for no update Suri´s latest outfit but I´m looking for. Probably come from Katie´s Creations for her daughter (^.^)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spending the afternoon at Chelsea Piers!

Katie and Suri spend the afternoon at Chelsea Piers in NYC. It seems that this child gym is one of the favorite places of Suri in the Big Apple (^.^)!

Doll´s Shopping!

Katie Holmes took Suri to the American Girl store on Fifth Avenue in New York City last night (november 8). While Suri seemed to be in good spirits, she was making some very cranky faces on her way out of the store.

Suri is wearing Pale Pink Tulle Dress from S/S 2011 by Miss Grant (out of stock) and Fur Fux coat by H&M Kids.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Suri at Chelsea Piers!

Katie & Suri go to Chelsea Piers for some mother/daughter time in New York City on Monday (November 7). 

Suri arrived to the place with her nanny and later arrived Katie and her best friend Jeanne Yang.

Suri is wearing Crochet Grado Dress for S/S 2011 by Missoni Kids (she first wore on july 11, 2011) and her favorite Fur Fux Jacket from F/W 2010 by H&M KIDS (out of stock, she first wore on september 22th 2010)

She also wore Frances Flat Parrot ($104) by Flora and Henri (this brand is one of Suri´s fave)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011!

Katie Holmes doesn’t look to mind the rain as she ventures out with daughter Suri Cruise and stepson Connor Cruise in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Suri appeared to be in a princess costume with a pumpkin candy bucket in hand (October 31, 2011).

Suri is wearing her favorite Fur Fux Jacket from F/W 2010 by H&M KIDS (out of stock, she first wore on september 22th 2010) with Deluxe Tangled Rapunzel Slippers $16.50 by DISNEY STORE (sold out).

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shopping trip before Halloween Night!

Suri and Katie did some last minute shopping at Target before a night of "trick-or treat" through the streets of Pittsburgh, Penn (october 31)

Suri is wearing Knit Floral Tiered Dress (sold out) by SPLENDID LITTLES (she first wore on october 9, 2011) with Hooded Jacket in Pink by ARMANI JUNIOR F/W´10 (on sale for $172.50) She first wore on February 24.

Suri Visit Daddy on Set!

Katie and Suri visited Tom on the set of his new movie in Pittsburgh on sunday (october 30). 

Suri is wearing Glam Sequim Fur Coat ($74) by CACH CACH (she first wore on october 3, 2011) and Little Creatures Boots by EMU AUSTRALIA (she first wore on october 4, 2011)

***sorry for the late updates but I was a little busy with this holiday weekend here LOL