Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

¡Our Little inspirations say hello to the new year 2010!

Constanza (upper right) and Chloé (lower left side) wish a happy new year. They are the inspiration for this blog besides our adorable Suri. In the photo you can see part of the collection of Chloe and Constanza, the same of Suri Cruise''s, our children's fashion icon.

Conny wearing a St. Petersburg Print Corduroy Dress by Gap that Suri used on October 8 in Boston, and Chloé used a Primrose Dress Besos Special Occasion Dress by Kissy Kissy that Suri wear in her first media appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine in April 2006.

Happy New year!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Suri has a Pucci Pups

Suri carried on December 24th, Christmas Eve a Dog Carrier Pet Bed Bag Battat by PUCCI PUPS.

Friday, December 25, 2009

L.A, California.

Suri: Shopping flowers day.

Katie Holmes and her adorable daughter Suri pick up several bouquets of Christmas Eve flowers at a specialty market in Los Angeles on Thursday (December 24).

But first ...Katie and Suri visited Le Pain Quotidien to enjoy one of Suri's favorite snack, a delicious .... CROISSANT

She wearing a Silk Ruffled dress in green by Holmes & Yang.

and Polka Dots Rain Boots by KIDORABLE.
*** Enjoy the video!!!

Source: Just Jared. and X17online

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas !!!

On this special day, we want to thank everyone for the support they have given us in these past 4 months.

When we started this project, I never imagined all the help we receive from people around the world, brands, shops, and fans around the world.
We just want to thank you for all the help. Besides already almost 8000 views!!! in just 4 months , WOW!!!...we are very surprised :)

Thank you very much for everything and part of the coordinators of SURI CRUISE CLOTHES BLOG...we wish you a merry Christmas, much love and peace on this day so beautiful.
Thanks for the mail, photos, information, post, gifts of brands, and more :)

Thanks to:
***First Little´s Chloé and Connie (for being our inspiration)
1.-Vania (we are a great team, thanks you so much for all support)
2.-Kiara (for your post)
3.-Sophie (for you gift and exclusive)
4.-Susan (for your help)
5.-Kathy (for your information on the clothes bought for suri in Jacadi)
6.-Jeanne Yang (for corroboration of the Holmes & Yang dresses)
7.- Hayle (for Polka kids clothes exclusive)
8.-Simon (for Mill & Mia clothes exclusive)
9.-Susy (for magazine scan)
10.-Mandy (for 3 monkeys boutique exclusive pictures)
11.-Camill (for your mails)
12.-Veronica (for your help and questions about the Suri´s Clothes)
13.-Maxfield´s Store (for the exclusive interview)
14.-Rocio and Lina Store in Spain (for all support and flamenco dress exclusive pictures)
15.-Ashley (for information and news)

and each and every one of those who have visited our blog!!!

***Sorry if I forgot someone, we thank everyone for their support, the anonymous constantly cooperating and make our work a little easier.

Sincerely Natalia and Amanda.
Happy Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

L.A, California.

Finally!...The Cruise back in L.A.

Katie Holmes hurries out of her car and into Hermes in Beverly Hills on Wednesday (December 23).

The 31-year-old actress, who celebrated her birthday last week in Sevilla, Spain with hubby Tom Cruise, will be able to relax this holiday season - she and Tom both finished shooting films late in the year! Katie was also spotted out at Ralph Lauren on Rodeo Drive searching for the perfect gifts for her loved ones (maybe she bought some things for our adorable Suri, hopefully if).

Source: Just Jared.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sevilla, Spain (Dec.17)

Celebrating Katie's Birthday in a Pub in Sevilla.

The Cruise family celebrates Katie's birthday yesterday in a pub in Sevilla. Enjoy!. Suri's seen again in her favourite AMERICAN APPAREL Highlighter Kids Rib Skater Tank Dress in Fluorescent Pink color.

also, she wearing a White Puff Sleeve Tee from Fall/Winter 08 by SPLENDID LITTLES.

Suri wearing a Fairy Dress in pink color by ALICE´S TEA CUP (she first wore last year in New York).

Source: Just Jared.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sevilla, Spain (Dec.12).

Suri visited Magical Island.

The theme park was reserved only for the sweet Suri and her family, when the public was gone. It was a condition they had done and the director Antonio Peláez agreed. Instead of entering through the main entrance, came to the flag of Spain and rose to several attractions: Rebellion for Christmas (film 4D), suri insisted on being photographed beside the snowman who is at the outlet, that is who stars in the film.

Attractions for children from the Fountain of Youth, The Jaguar and suri's favorite, THE CAROUSEL. She saw the carousel and persisted with him. So to get to where they are located, there was another key moment, family picture in a carriage!!! They got all three, Tom, Katie and Suri.

Suri wearing a Diamond Jacquard Tie Cardigan in navy color by SEED and Highlighter Kids Rib Skater Tank Dress in Fluorescent Pink color by AMERICAN APPAREL.

Visit the website of the park...."ISLA MÁGICA"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sevilla, Spain. ( Dec.14)

Suri go to dinner at Ordago Bar.

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Isabella Cruise and their 3 1/2-year-old daughter Suri, were spotted out for dinner in Sevilla, Spain on Monday (December 14).

The family dined at traditional restaurant and enjoyed some tapas including anchovy, Spanish omelette and kokotxa. Sources say the group re-ordered several of the snacks and drink only water.

Suri wearing a Diamond Jacquard Tie Cardigan in navy color by SEED.
and Girl´s Salina Safari patent-leather ballet flats by J.CREW (now in SALE section!!!).

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sevilla, Spain.

Suri and Bella visit daddy´s movie set.

Today Suri and her sister Isabella visited dad Tom's in the set of his new movie, which some weeks ago now being filmed in Seville, Spain.

This time, Tom invited Suri to take a motorcycle ride, but she apparently did not want to go and preferred to stay with her sister Bella.

Suri wearing a Multicolor Vintage Dress. (She first wore in April 27 in L.A)
also a Bow Bag in gold color by SEED.
and her favourite Francesca girl heels in Gold color by FREED OF LONDON.
Pictures: Gossip Center.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Exclusive Information:

Our Flamenco dress exclusive
"El Taller de Lina".

With our dear Natalia's alliances across in Seville, Spain we are the only ones able to deliver to you foremost the exclusive coverage of Tom's recent purchase for his Little Princess - Suri's beautiful pink custom made Flamenco outfit by 'El Taller de Lina'.

At Lina's you will not only receive the very best service, but you will find the probably most famous Flamenco dresses in the world. This highly reputated house has raised traditional artisany to an artform. The Queen of Spain dresses at Lina's when she visits "Feria de Sevilla", as Princess Grace of Monaco used to do. Lina makes the outfit for some of the greatest theater and ballet performances as well as for many famous folklore artists: Isabel Pantoja, Milagros Mengibar, Maria Rosa and Merche Esmeralda, among others.

*The custom dress costs $800 Euros

Tom commanded a 'Flamenco dress misson completed' by one of his assistants help to source in the Spanish capital an Andalusian Flamenco dress by the best workmanship in Seville - 'Lina' to make this for his dear Little Suri.

The Flamenco dress that Suri wears was sourced on Thursday, and Friday already Tom had chosen. Did not even give time to make to measure for Suri, as it was selected before her arrival with Katie. He asked his assistant for two or three dresses of the size of Suri, luckily it turned out perfect.The dress is of fabric of cotton with a reactionary design that evokes the epoch in which its mother, of the designer dressed in the Fair to visitors as Grace of Monaco. Avoiding the question of the price, the designer exposed that the fabric is of the "most exclusive". The dress of Suri's, was crafted in an unique model and was the first one of the collection that the designer will prepare for the Fair of 2010.

So from all this commotion already there is a clear thing: an avalanche of girls in flamenco rose dresses will flood the next Fair and the workshops of the designer 'Lina' (and others that will be inspired by her) perhaps hundreds of family will want a small one like Suri's when the time arrive and for that identical dress.

"Thanks you so much from Rocio Montero (Designer of Taller de Lina) for all suport and help with us".

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sevilla, Spain.

Suri tours Sevilla's Zoo.

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise spent their afternoon with a few friends on a private tour of the zoo in Seville. Also, you can see Suri's stepsister, Isabella.

Suri is wearing again her Highlighter Kids Rib Skater Tank Dress in Fluorescent Pink color by AMERICAN APPAREL.

in the afternoon,Tom and Katie enjoyed a soccer game in Spain’s Sanches Pizjuan stadium.

Source: PopSugar. and Just Jared.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sevilla, Spain.

Suri visit daddy´s movie set.

Suri Cruise shows off her pair of cute pink heels while spending time with her mom, Katie Holmes, on the set of her dad’s new film, Knight & Day, in Sevilla, Spain on Tuesday (December 8).

The 3 1/2 year old cutie clutched her teddy bear and bag while taking a walk with Katie. At one point, Suri covered her ears with a loud noise going off on-set!

Suri wearing a Bebop Dress from Fall-Winter collection´08 by BONPOINT. (not available online)

Source: Just Jared and Celebrity Baby Scoop.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sevilla, Spain.

Suri on the set of "Knight & Day".

Making for quite the delightful moment, Katie Holmes was all smiles as she took daughter Suri to visit Tom Cruise on set of his new film "Knight and Day" today in Sevilla, Spain.

Suri wearing a Silk ruffled dress in white by Holmes & Yang. (only available in Maxfield Store).
also she used a Facet button in oatmeal marle of Spring-Summer Collection´09 by SEED. (not available anymore on SEED's website).
Source: Gossip Center and Just Jared.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sevilla, Spain.

Suri gone around the world!!!

Tom Cruise plants a kiss on his adorable daughter Suri’s cheek as they play at a park together with mom Katie Holmes in Sevilla, Spain on Sunday (December 6).

How cute is Suri in her traditional Spanish flamenco dress and polka dot heels?!

*** We are looking for that beautiful flamenco dress!!!

Suri wearing Red polka flamenco shoes by MIX MAMAS.Source: Just Jared