Sunday, February 27, 2011

Suri & Katie: Back in L.A

A less stylish Katie returned from Italy and the first thing she did was meet with her daughter Suri (yesterday february 26) ,who enjoyed the absence of Katie in Starbucks with her nannies in Vancouver, Canada. Mother and daughter enjoyed a reunion with some friends and a lot of Angelina Ballerina dolls lol!! :)

Suri is wearing another of the first creation of Holmes & Yang from F/W´2008, an orange-tone dress with printed sheets. Also, she use the Preppy Striped Cardigan in heather grey with pink stripes by JUICY COUTURE (sold out).

And she is carrying the Angelina Ballerina-Cloth 18 inch doll ($47.95) by MADAME ALEXANDER.


  1. Sorry, but– MISMATCHED!!


  2. omg.....sigh :(
    Maybe Suri had to wear a black cardigan, but gray / pink with that orange tone dress, for me are many colors that dont go great together :( - And Katie looks like another 5 years old girl and not as Suri mom :(