Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dinner Out

Cruise Family: Thai Food Dinner

Tom Cruise held Suri's hand as they left a Thai restaurant in Vancouver last night (february 7 ) Suri had a band-aid on her knee, but that didn't slow her down as she skipped out of the restaurant.

Suri is wearing the Grey Purse Tee Top by GAP (only available in some stores)

with the Basketball Sparkle heart shoes by H&M (this shoes are from the collection of last summer but in canada are still available and Katie bought there, so if you live in Canada... good luck!)

and her favourite faux fur Delicieuse jacket ($135.20) by the french brand ELIANE ET LENA KIDS.



  1. Suri's shirt is GREY and not purple

  2. Omg I hve only seen her wear sneakers once! She looks adoroble!

  3. Yes .....It is the first time that Suri used sneakers and not doing sports!!! :)

  4. She used sneakers when she was 3 and 2. If u look around u can see it.

  5. Doesn't she ever get sore feet. I can't even wear shoes from H&M one hour without pain. She wears different ballerinas from H&M everyday...

  6. #PRINCESSBESS: Yes.... Suri actually been used before sneakers but I mean that she never had dinner with sneckers, this is the first time and I really like she use things that any girl would use. I sincerely believe that the style of Suri has given a turn of 360 degree, went from being an elegant Toddler to a bright and normal kid almost 5 years :)

    #ANONYMOUS: If the shoes dont hurt... the shoes are wrong lol!!! ..... I think that's the philosophy of Suri

  7. She changing into a five yr old very fast

  8. Views photos of suri always makes me smile
    Too precious..
    Suri is lovely :)