Thursday, October 20, 2011

Out in Soho!

Yesterday, Ms. Holmes got in some mother-daughter bonding time with her little girl Suri in SoHo, NYC. 

Suri is wearing Suri is wearing Tropic Zone Dress ($56) by DKNY KIDS, she first wore on august 16. Also, Hooded Jacket in Pink by ARMANI JUNIOR F/W´10 (on sale for $172.50) She first wore on February 24.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Update: October 8, 2011.

We knew that Suri's striped top on october 8, 2011 is sold in Nordstrom but not available online until now, so go and buy it!

Neon Pink Cap Sleeve Top ($24) by TA-EAM for Nordstrom.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jumping for joy!

Yesterday Suri was seen leaving Toys R Us with her mother Katie Holmes clutching a purple hippo under her arm. 

Mum and daughter were snapped out shopping at the Westfield Mall in Hollywood.

Suri is wearing Ditsy Floral dress for S/S 2011 by Juicy Couture (sold out, she first wore on august 9, 2011) and Gap flip flops.

and she hold Purple Hippo ($26.95) by Bestever Toys

Monday, October 10, 2011

Suri leave Pittsburgh 

Yesterday (october 9, 2011) Katie & Suri was spotted boarding their private jet to leave Pittsburgh, Penn.

Suri is wearing Knit Floral Tiered Dress (sold out) by SPLENDID LITTLES

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Suri and her sweet walk

Yesterday (october 8, 2011) Katie Holmes takes her adorable daughter Suri for a walk as Suri pushes a play stroller for her panda bear stuffed animal in Pittsburgh. Katie is in town with hubby Tom Cruise while Cruise shoots scenes for his upcoming film "One Shot!".

Suri is wearing Neon Pink Cap Sleeve Top ($24) by TA-EAM for Nordstrom.

with her favorite Floral Skirt that she first wore on february 7th (no id) with Stars printed flats by GAP KIDS (sold out, she first wore on january 24th 2011)

She also pushes the 3-in-1 Doll Pram, Carrier, & Stroller by LEVATOY (the same one is sold out but you can found something similar here)

Later, Tom, Katie and Suri enjoyed the afternoon at Schenley Plaza´s Carousel.

This time, Suri wore the Posey Heels ($49.95) by Nordstrom


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011


After enjoy the morning at Starbucks, Suri and Katie visit daddy Tom Cruise on the set of his new flick "One Shot" in Pittsburgh, Penn.

Suri is wearing the same skirt and shoes that she wore this morning and this time she also wear the Poppy Tee Shirt by BONPOINT (sold out, she first wore on june 23th)

Chilly morning in Pittsburgh

Grabbing an early morning pick-me-up, Katie and adorable daughter Suri were spotted at a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Starbucks today (October 6). 

The always-stylish mom and tot duo kept it casual for their a.m. coffee run, with Katie wearing a white sweater, skinny jeans and black booties while 5-year-old Suri kept warm in mommy black jacket!

Suri is wearing Little Ann Silk Crinkle Long Skirt ($78) by ANN TAYLOR (she first wore on May 16th)

and Blue Hen Sandals ($198) by LITTLE MARC JACOBS (she first wore on October 3rd)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Suri: Ready for Halloween!

Katie and Suri visit a Starbucks on Tuesday (October 4) in Pittsburgh, Penn. Suri, 5, was decked out in ladybug outfit! CUTE!

She is wearing Tunic Rabbit Top and Pink/Black Polka Dot Leggings by Green Baby

and Little Creatures Boots by EMU AUSTRALIA.

***Looking for top id

Monday, October 3, 2011

I´m Back!

Hey guys!!!

I´m finally back with all Suri´s news!!!

I lived a beautiful experience in Argentina. I had the opportunity to meet Katy Perry and I must say that she is a charming woman and her concert was absolutely AMAZING! 

But hey!!! this blog is not to tell you about my life so if you want more details visit  Macarons et Chaussures where you will find details of my trip.

Thanks so much for all your help during my absence ;)


Suri: Ice cream princess!

Katie Holmes took Suri Cruise to the Children's Museum and the Milk Shake Factory in Pittsburgh, PA on October 3rd, 2011.

Suri is wearing the Bright Ella Dress (on sale for $39,75) by LITTLE ELLA (she first wore on june 15th 2011)

with Glam Sequim Fur Coat ($74) by CACH CACH (Suri bought this coat during her last visit to Riginal´s Children Store in L.A on October 31th 2010)

and Blue Hen Sandals ($198) by LITTLE MARC JACOBS 

Also in the picture above Suri´s bodyguard hold Hello Kitty Face Black Die-Cut Reusable Shopping Bag by SANRIO (sold out)


Milkshake Factory!

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their 5-year-old daughter Suri made a quick trip to the Milkshake Factory in Pittsburgh on Sept. 24. The family was in town to visit Tom while he films his latest movie, One Shot.

Suri is wearing the Heritage Rose Print dress by MONSOON (£38.00). She first wore on december 16th 2010.

Thanks so much to Anonymous12 for the link!

The Cruises at Soergel’s Orchard Festival

On Sunday (september 24), Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their daughter, Suri, arrived at Soergel’s Orchard during the fall festival.

“The little girl – she’s cute as a button,” says Reed Soergel. “Most of the customers who were here did not know it because there was no big following.” In fact, the Cruise family was accompanied by only a couple of very discrete bodyguards who kept their distance. “Suri had her face painted. She played in our little straw pile that the kids were all playing in – jumping around in straw and then they took a horse drawn wagon ride with my husband and I,” says Katie Morrison who is part of the Soergel family.

Suri is wearing one of her favorite Holmes&Yang Polka Dot dress. Suri wore this dress for the first time on August 2008 in NY.