Thursday, February 10, 2011

Used in the Past: "Bonpoint"

OMG!, I'm too happy, for years, yes, years, I have tirelessly looking for a dress that Suri wore on several occasions during 2008.

Today I finally found, it is the Main Brode Dress by Bonpoint. I must say that had the opportunity to see the dress in detail and is really beautiful and simple. This dress is from Bonpoint's 'brode main' range and is hand finished. It has lots of embroidered detail, and a full triple layer netting under skirt and detailed beaded buds along the embroidered branches sewn around the hem. Fully lined and fastens with a long back zip and the pink and gold flower detail ties at the waist. The dress is from the collection S/S 2007 and obviously not available but we now know is Bonpoint.

Suri wore this dress on July 2nd 2008 (in L.A), August 17th 2008 (inside Bonpoint store and Central Park) and October 7th 2008 (leaving her NY apartment)


  1. I love that dress. Looks too big on Suri though.

  2. yeah! too....suri look adorable in that dress :)

  3. I dont mean to correct you, but it says July 2th. Is it supposed to mean the 12th or 2nd

  4. I had not noticed, thank you very much.