Monday, February 28, 2011

Vancouver, Canada

Fast trip to L.A and Welcome back to Vancouver.

Suri and Katie enjoyed a brief and fleeting trip to LA, where they met with some friends on Saturday 26. On sunday 27, were seen again in Vancouver, Canada, where they did some shopping and went for a few cupcakes in the sweet and funny store: "CUPCAKES by Heather & Lori"

Suri is wearing the Fucsia Hooded Faux Fur Jacket (only available in some stores for $260) by BLAUER JUNIOR.

Thanks so much to Ali (Blauer Staff) for send us this info

with Kids Classic Boot in pink ($90) by UGG AUSTRALIA (she first wore on december 17th, 2010)

and Reni Dress-Pink zebra print long sleeve by Esme 2009 F/W Collection ....(out of stock and she first wore on march 18th, 2010- No pictures by special request of the manager of Esme Loungewear, due to a restructuring period of the brand)


  1. omg!!!!!.....another new she just need tights lol ;)

  2. I cant believe ¡O.O!....Suri not use tights and in Vancouver it's snowing OMG!!!! she must be frozen hahahahah....poor little girl :(

  3. I dont think a girl wearing pajamas is appropriate.
    Maybe okay for a day at home, but not to go out!!!!
    There are bad people and Katie the only thing it does is expose the privacy of her daughter to take her to public places in pajamas. I think someone should warn this woman, is okay for children to choose what they want wear but as a parent, we must guide them towards more appropriate choices, considering the weather, where we will go and with whom.

    Sorry for my english but I live in Argentina and here all girls love the style of Suri Cruise. Congratulation for the blog is really good ;)

  4. HI ANTONELLA.....I totally agree with you, Katie is risking the privacy of Suri and exposing to perverted minds. Maybe she need understand that it is a public person and everything that she makes is a cover of a magazine or website.

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  6. Absolutely love that hot pink coat! A+

  7. I agree with Natalia and Amanda, Suri is just 4 years old! She doesn't understand sooo much... She doesn't know, that the other are cearing about that. She's still a children, and do you ever saw a 4 year old who seems like grown person? @Natalia & Amanda: Nice Site :)

  8. I LOVE the pink coat ... it is absolutely gorgeous!!!

    Is it available anywhere for purchase online????

    Would really appreciate the feedback...

  9. I'm afraid that is not available online but we contacted the manager of the brand and she is finding out more stores where still available. What is certain is that it is not available online ..... sorry.