Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Back to NYC

Katie and Suri pictured returning from their Memorial Day Weekend in Rosemary Beach, FL on Monday 27th.

Suri is wearing Sunflower Print Dress from Water Garden Collection 2011 by Gap Kids (out of stock).

with Pink Leather sandals with crystals detail ($230,60) by MiMi Sol

 and she's holding the Fur Coat with bow detail from All for Childrens Collection for Unicef by H&M (out of stock. She first wore on january 21st, 2013)

On Route to Florida!

Katie and Suri was seen catching a flight from La Guardia airport to Florida on May 25th. The duo celebrated Memorial Day weekend in Rosemary Beach, Florida joined by some of Holmes's family. The actress, 34, and her daughter, 7, soaked up the sunny sunday taking a break from the beach to have lunch at Summer Kitchen Cafe.

 and Fur Coat with bow detail from All for Childrens Collection for Unicef by H&M (out of stock. She first wore on january 21st, 2013)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

About pictures of Suri 'INTO' her school

Dear Followers:

I received a lot of emails with photos of Suri in her school (inside of this).

But as much as I appreciate the tremendous support that each of our fans give us, there are limits that as persons we can not pass, one of them is the more intimate side of Suri and the activities within her school. We all know that Suri's life is public enough but there is a thin line between what is appropriate and what is not, clearly disseminate pictures like this are not.

I'm sure that Avenues posted the photos without thinking in the fact that Suri is famous and as part of any activity that any school in the world performs normally. If there are unscrupulous people able to publish such photographs is worrying because they are playing with the life of a little girl.

As blog, we'll not publish those pictures and I hope you understand us.

Best Regards
Suri Cruise Clothes Staff
Mommy Little Helper


Katie Holmes was spotted leaving for the Met Gala in a flowing white dress, leaving Suri behind. Suri was then escorted by security out the back door to avoid photographers.

Suri didn't attend the MET Gala. Saying something like that is absurd! and if I remember correctly she is 7 years old (just turned) so a gala of this type is not for childrens.

Suri actually WAS with her mother moments before. Katie was doing her makeup and hair with Suri there, obviously any girl wants to help her mother in moments like this. Then Suri left the Mark Hotel to go HOME, while Katie was heading to the gala.

Suri is wearing Pink leather sandals with bow ($151,81) by MiMi Sol 

 and Three-Quarter Sleeve Coat With Mittens ($116) by Barneys New York Kids Collection (she first wore on august 20, 2012)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring at School

Katie and Suri was spotted arriving to the Avenues School in NYC on Thursday, May 2nd 2013. Spring has arrived and Suri was seen with a short sleeves, skirt (no tights) and beautiful pink flats.

Suri is wearing Bonita Flats in pink ($39) by Nina Kids