Sunday, January 30, 2011

Katie & Suri: Equestrian Center Visit

Katie and Suri visited the Equestrian Center, for a fun-filled Saturday afternoon, January 29th, 2011 along with new "inseparable" friends of Suri.

Suri is wearing the
Girl's Tiered Sweater Dress in pink ($138) by JUICY COUTURE.

with the
Pink Party Kitten Wellies ($34.09) by HATLEY

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Finally!!!... I found the stock picture for the shirt that Suri used on September 5th, 2010 in a park in Toronto, Canada. In the post that day cataloged the shirt of Suri, JCREW and it was correct. I had seen that shirt a few weeks ago on the website of the brand but unfortunately was no longer available.

Suri is wearing the Rose Graphic Tee in graphite color from S/S 2010 by JCREW (out of stock)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Katie & Suri: Arriving in L.A

Making good use of the family's private jet, Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise touched down at a local airstrip in Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday afternoon (January 25). The mommy and her little darling in her arms with staffers tending their every need upon returning home from visiting Tom Cruise in Vancouver, Canada. During the course of their time north of the border, Katie and Suri are said to have had quite the pleasuarable time during a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park.

It difficult know, but I'm almost 100% sure that suri is using one of the innumerable ESME OUTFITS :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Vancouver, Canada.

Katie & Suri: Shopping in Vancouver!!!

Katie Holmes and daughter Suri were spotted shopping in Vancouver and pick up drinks from Jugo Juice on Monday.

Mother and daughter are in Vancouver visiting Tom Cruise while he films scenes for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Suri is wearing her favourite faux fur Delicieuse jacket ($135.20) by the french brand ELIANE ET LENA KIDS.

with the Silk T-Shirt Dress ($142) by BURBERRY (she first wore in december 17th 2011)

also, the black stars printed flats by GAP KIDS (only available in some retails stores)

and the Heart pop top mittens by Juicy Couture


A dear friend, SHIRLEY GRACE, who always writes to give us information about Suri, began her fashionista blog of VIOLET AFFLECK!!!

click here

Friday, January 21, 2011

Suri Cruise’s third birthday party gift bags.

Thanks so much for this exclusive info to

As jeweler to the stars, MIJA Jewelry was exclusively chosen for Suri Cruise’s third birthday party gift bags. Katie Holmes and her daughter chose 18K Gold Vermeil and Sterling Silver Baby Bird and Cupcake Necklaces as a favor to her guests following the fete. Due to the toddler’s budding “fashionista” status, Suri’s wardrobe is one both children and women alike covet, and her taste in jewelry is no exception.

I think it's a wonderful gift for a birthday, feminine and delicate. Best of all... are still available and not expensive :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Inside of Holt Renfrew by Amanda:

Today I went directly to the Holt Renfrew Store in Vancouver, the same as Katie and Suri visited on January 9th.

I could not avoid running into the shoe section where Suri was photographed picking and playing with shoes. And there were !!!!!!!!! as Suri wore.......glittery pair of Jimmy Choo' I couldn't not share a closer photos with our readers those precious little stilettos that caught Suri's eye.

But.... Suri decided to tip toe on the carpet in the kitten heels and chose out 2 other pairs for Katie a Michael Kors pump and Marc by Marc Jacobs wedge platform ballet pump. Finally, to my surprise, Katie didnt buy any shoes that Suri chose for her. It was just a fun trip for Suri, who according to sources, had fun choosing and wearing shoes for about 1 hour :)

(All this info is exclusive of SURI CRUISE CLOTHES BLOG)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Katie and Suri: Sweet bonding time on set

Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise hanging out at the on-set petting zoo on January 11th, 201. Mother and daughter were really sweet in front of the cameras, showing that one lives for the other.

Suri is wearing the Turquoise drop-waist dress by J.CREW (out of stock)

Thanks MELANIE for the stock picture of the dress :)

with her new favourite item, the faux fur Delicieuse jacket ($135.20) by the french brand ELIANE ET LENA KIDS

Frances Flat grey shoes ($110) by FLORA & HENRI (specially designed for F&H by the italian brand PÉPÉ SHOES FOR CHILDREN)

and she is holding the Babipouce Candy pink ($29.95) by COROLLE

I really fell in love with this video, Suri acts like a big girl :)

Thanks so much MINNIE!!!


Amanda Downes

Our dear Amanda ( Suri Cruise Clothes Blog co-owner) has just opened a beautiful page on facebook. Dedicated to all mothers who love fashion and love to dress their daughters like a princesses. Are welcome to enjoy the delicacy and elegance of Beauticious Tots.

Which Hollywood Kid Wore It Better?

Suri or Violet?

It seems Hollywood parents have their favorite stores for themselves and their kids. And it seems that the likes of Katie Holmes and Jennifer Garner are quite similar to the time of dressing their lovely daughters ..... both are fans of J.CREW.


Suri wore the Girls sequin heart tee in light ginger color on June 24th 2010 in Toronto, Canada. Violet was seen using the same shirt yesterday (january 10) in Santa Monica, California. ..... but which girl looks better? choose!!! =)

Of course !!!!.... I have my favorite!!!!...but it is silly to say, if it's something completely obvious. =)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Vancouver, Canada.

OMG!: Suri is growing faster each day.

Katie Holmes and her daughter, Suri, go shopping on Sunday (January 9) at Holt Renfrew in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The 32-year-old actress and her 4-year-old daughter checked out the shoe selection with friends - Suri even tried her best to walk around the shoe department in heels!......OMG!!!....I love the style of SURI... POST-BRAID =) soooo freakin' adorable!!!!!

Suri is wearing the Girl Pink Skirted Leotard by H&M (only available in some stores for $7.99)

and under, the Floral Print Short Leggings ($2.99) also by H&M

with the Frances Flat studded grey ($110) by FLORA & HENRI (specially designed for F&H by the italian brand PÉPÉ SHOES FOR CHILDREN)

and the faux fur Delicieuse jacket ($135.20) by the french brand ELIANE ET LENA KIDS. (she first wore on january 7)


According to my sources, Katie and Suri returned to USA. Katie was seen today in "K Chocolatier store" in Beverly Hills, Calif.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Vancouver, Canada.

Katie & Suri: Shopping Day in Vancouver.

Stocking up on food, Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise were spotted at a supermarket in Vancouver, Canada today (January 7).

Suri wearing the faux fur Delicieuse jacket ($135.20) by the french brand ELIANE ET LENA KIDS.

with the kids cowboy bronco rain boot ($39) by DAV.

Tom gets a visit from his wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri on the set of his film Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol on Friday afternoon (January 7) in Vancouver, Canada.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Used in the Past: "Donna Salyers"

It is incredible but for more than 1 year I have searched this beautiful FUR COAT. Can you believe that Suri wore it on November 29, 2008? ... Well, yes. Elsewhere, it said belonged to the french brand Monnalisa but the information is completely incorrect.

The FUR COAT is a creation of renowned designer Donna Salyers, who for years has been in charge of preparing the costumes for Hollywood and Broadway.

“Inspiration for Fabulous-Furs came nearly two decades ago when I was on my way to purchase a mink coat. On my car radio, Paul Harvey described kittens being skinned to become “mink” teddy bears. Instead of buying a coat that day, I was inspired to create a luxurious alternative. Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that Fabulous-Furs would evolve into fine ready-to-wear, attracting a clientele of high-profile, internationally recognized celebrities. As a real-life Cinderella, it’s fabulous to see our guilt-free products in movies, on TV and Broadway. It’s gratifying to know that our products, in providing a luxurious alternative to real animal fur, bring joy to people all over the world, and at the same time, make unnecessary the destruction of countless animals.”
(Donna Salyers)

But best of all is that although it's been almost 2 years since Suri used this FUR COAT, is still available!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Katie about Suri: "She’s got a great eye for fashion"

Katie confessed in a new interview with ELLE magazine that her daughter Suri, only 4 years, inherited a great sense of fashion. Here are some excerpts from the interview to be released in mid-February 2011.

On Suri’s shopping style: “The other day we came out of a store, and she said, ‘I want to go there,’ pointing at another store quite a distance away. In that store was the dress that she wanted. I said, ‘Wow, Suri. You’re something. You picked that out from a football field away.’”

On getting fashion advice from Suri: “She’ll really tell me [what she thinks]. Like today I’m wearing brown suede pants, and she said, ‘I don’t like your pants.’ But then she’ll say, ‘You’ve got to wear these shoes.’ Or ‘That’s so pretty, Mom. Wear that.’ She’s got a great eye.”

On not letting the attention from the paparazzi get to her: “I don’t worry so much. It is what it is, and it’s fine. I’ll go somewhere because I need to get something done.”

But the fun part of this interview is the behind the scenes of the shoot, because Katie attended the meeting in the company of little Suri.

"When Holmes’ iconic family arrived at the L.A. studio, four-year-old Suri got to work helping her mom dress up in looks from Stella McCartney, Phillip Lim, and her own Holmes & Yang label. Meanwhile, husband Tom Cruise sneaked off to admire the selection of vintage and fine jewelry for the shoot, admitting that he was on the hunt for the perfect gift for his leading lady. Soy latte in hand, Holmes dialed up Michael Jackson and Beyoncé on her iPod and watched Suri and Cruise play tag, the little one waving to Mom between giggles. Later in the day, designer Tom Ford, who was shooting in a studio nearby, dropped in to say hello; after he left, Holmes donned a body-con backless dress from the designer’s new collection. Her look was a long way from the sweet girl from down the creek".

So Cute Suri!!! =)


Monday, January 3, 2011

Suri Accessories: THERMOS

Apparently Suri always need some kind of snack near and in perfect condition. During her busy stay in NYC last December, Suri had one of the THERMOS brand products (specialized in the maintenance of food).

and her nanny (back home at night)

carried the Sling Pack Lunch Cooler - Pink by THERMOS. (sold out)