Sunday, February 6, 2011

I thank for this picture to the adorable, sweet and always welcome...

This photo is from a trip to the "ALLURE OF THE SEA" that Katie and Suri made for the shooting of Katie's new movie "Jack and Jill" on november 21th 2010.

Suri used one of their favorite brands, ESME loungewear, but at the request of Catherine Lee (corporate management), who contacted us and congratulated for the work done in our blog, we can not put the link or place where you can find this flower tank set because ESME loungewear brand is undergoing a restructuring period and most likely the brand name change.

and she also wore the Disney Dazzle Shimmer Flat ($22.84) by STRIDE RITE.


  1. I wanna have daughter like suri...
    Day after day I saw her face more n more looks like tom..especially her eyes really like tom's eyes and her smile looks like katie. Beautiful mix of Tomkat.
    Her little face n smile alwaysss adorable n awesome...

  2. I am totally and completely agree with you, Suri is a mini tom but with the charm of Katie...the perfect combination....dont you think?

  3. hi babe..i know this request is not on Suri...but I musk ask you...what is Katie wearing????..i love that blue dress...being a genius that you are, im sure you will be able to know!!!..thanks babe!