Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Channing Tatum : "Suri Cruise is a Happy, Playful Little Girl"

Step Up star Channing Tatum found out when he worked with Katie earlier this month on the crime thriller Son of No One. The hunky actor told Us that Suri is nothing but a ray of sunshine:

"[She's] a happy, playful little girl!"

The fashionable celeb tot has been spotted all over the Big Apple lately in her pajamas and slippers, wearing bunny ears and sipping from a bottle.
On the set, Suri and Katie "definitely" seemed close, Tatum added. According to Tatum, he can't wait to work with Suri's mom again.

"She's already wrapped on the film," he explained. "I wanted to do more stuff with her. She really brings it in the movie --- just you watch!"

Source: Celebrity Baby Scoop

Monday, April 26, 2010

Used in the Past

Suri used on November 27 of 2008 a Velvet Girl Coat from F/W 2008 Collection by BURBERRY.

Our little fashionista followed in the footsteps of Princess Leonor of Spain (who is only a few months older than Suri).
Leonor used a few months earlier the same coat when she was with her parents to the circus in Madrid, Spain.

Who is better for you?...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cameron Diaz: "Suri is a Shrekie".

At age 4, Suri Cruise is already rubbing elbows with royalty — the fairytale kind!. According to Cameron Diaz, who voices Princess Fiona in the Shrek films, her Knight and Day costar Tom Cruise has spilled the beans to his daughter when it comes to her character.

“It’s funny because Suri does know I’m Princess Fiona,” the actress, 37, tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies during the New York premiere of Shrek Forever After Wednesday.

Despite the reality check, Diaz says Suri is still a big fan. “I’m not going to speak for her, but yes, I think she does [love Shrek],” she laughs. And although Suri has been let in on the little secret, Diaz urges parents to allow their kids to believe the fairytale.

“When parents say to their kids, ‘This is Princess Fiona,’ I just tell them, "Let the mystery and the fantasy live within them", she explains. “Let them believe that Princess Fiona is actually real.”


Monday, April 19, 2010

Suri Cruise celebrates 4th birthday with Cupcakes.

According to PEOPLE MAGAZINE and JUST JARED, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes threw a cupcake decorating party on Saturday (April 17) in Los Angeles to celebrate their adorable daughter Suri Cruise’s 4th birthday.

Sprinkles supplied the sweets — four dozen unfrosted cupcakes plus frosting (vanilla and milk chocolate). That’s a lot of cupcakes for Suri and her friends to decorate!

Hopefully this is true, because the idea is actually very entertaining and in keeping with the likes of Suri, CUPCAKES, however, we wish you the best of this world in this new year little Suri.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Suri Cruise !!! :)


Name: Suri Cruise

Date of Birth: April 18, 2006

Parents: Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Siblings: Isabella and Connor


- According to Vanity Fair, Suri was born exactly one year after her parents met
- Suri wasn't seen in public until September 2006, and was first seen photographer for the October 2006 cover of Vanity Fair (the magazine's best selling issue of all time)
- It has been said that Suri name "is a word with origins in both Hebrew and Persian. In Hebrew, it means 'princess' and in Persian, 'red rose'", though Hebrew linguists denied the meaning of the word and other say that 'Suri' is a - Yiddish forms form of 'Sarah'
- She's been nicknamed TomKitten by the media, after her parents' joint monikor, TomKat.
- She's come to be known for her extravagant wardrobe, as well as her for the controversial heels and makeup we've often spotted her wearing

"She won't wear pants. Kate finally got her in jeans the other day. We put the pants on and walk away and the pants are off and the dress is on!" - Tom, on his fashion conscious daugher.

Friday, April 16, 2010

¡The sunday Suri turns four and this video is a compilation of Suri´s like icon Style!

I found this lovely video, talking about the next Suri´s birthday, may I remind you that it is this Sunday!!!!....In the video you can see Tom and Katie talking about Suri and how she chooses her clothes ....Katie says: "She loves bright colors and sparkly things ...." :)


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Suri Cruise Has Her Own Bodyguard

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes want only the best for their adorable daughter Suri. So the couple have hired the same high-priced Hollywood bodyguard who’s protected Julia Roberts and Robert Pattinson to look after their little girl, Life & Style reports.

“His name is Sheldon, and he’s one of the best in the business,” an insider says. “He’s an extremely respected, sought-after guard. He takes his job very seriously and gets paid very well.”

And while Sheldon may intimidate most grown adults, Suri, who turns 4 on April 18, thinks he’s the greatest. “She’s very comfortable with him,” a second insider says. “Usually a bodyguard would carry a kid, but he doesn’t carry her, so she feels she’s very independent!”

Source: Celebrity Baby Scoop

Monday, April 12, 2010

Big Apple Smile Girl!!!

Keeping busy while her mom tends to work duties, Suri Cruise was spotted leaving the family's NYC apartment with a nanny on Monday (April 12).

Suri wearing a Girls' cozy cotton tunic dress in bright coral by J.CREW

and she carring a Velvety Elephan Plush by GANZ TOYS.
Look this Suri picture on the set of Katie´s movie......Sooooooooooooo cute :).......

Silence my mom was filming her scene!!!!

Source: Just Jared

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Suri and Katie: Picnic Day!!!

Katie Holmes carries her headband-clad daughter Suri Cruise out to their waiting SUV in New York City on Sunday afternoon (April 11). The mother-daughter pair reportedly went on a picnic together.

Suri wearing a Blue Dress with White Birds by HOLMES & YANG COLLECTION (not available online, only in Maxfield Store).

Barbara Calipso Patent Sandals by PETIT MALOLES

and Fleurs Framboise Hairband by BONPOINT


Katie and Suri return home.... what happens with beatiful headband and shoes?... maybe Suri preferred to follow the advice of her friend Birdie's :)

Source: Just Jared

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Suri Cruise: Bunny Ears!!

Suri Cruise wears her favorite pair of pink bunny ears while visiting the ABC Carpet & Home Co store with mom Katie Holmes on Saturday afternoon (April 10) in New York City.

Suri wearing a Butterfly Pink Dress by S/S Collection 2008 by SPLENDID LITTLE (Unfortunately, because the dress is from 2008, is out of stock ).... :(
Thanks Vania at Suri Cruise Italy

and adorable Kids Bunny Slippers by BUNNY SLIPPERS.


Source: Just Jared

Friday, April 9, 2010

Suri visit Katie on the set

Suri visits mom Katie on the set of her new movie "Son of No One" in Queens, New York.

She was also spotted drinking from a bottle!!!!......soooooooooo cute :) and I dont care what the experts say about Suri continue drinking from the bottle, it's a little girl and can do what she wants!!!

Suri wearing a Silk Ruffled White dress by HOLMES & YANG S/S Collection 2010 (ask in Maxfield Store). She used the same dress yesterday (april 8) when went to dinner at Balthazar Restaurant with Katie.
and she carried a Velvety Elephan Plush by GANZ TOYS.

UPDATE ( April 8)

Suri shopping at BABY CZ and BONPOINT

I have exclusive information, Katie and Suri bought yesterday (april 8) in BABY CZ and are photos where you can see the logos of the brands in the respective bags!!!

According to my information. Katie bought three dresses for Suri in BABY CZ (none of the three dresses available online, because the brand recently has been renovating and updating the collection s / s 2010, but surely will soon be available) and a pair of shoes in BONPOINT...

I can not wait to see our adorable Suri to use their new outfit!!! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Suri dinner at Balthazar in school outfit.

Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise leave their downtown apartment building headed for dinner at Balthazar in New York city this afternoon. Suri carrying a large U.S. Postage envelope!!!

Suri wearing a Silk Ruffled White dress by HOLMES & YANG S/S Collection 2010 (only available in Maxfield Store)
and Backpack Doggy by MANUELLA (designed by Israeli artist Merav Flam).

Source: Just Jared and X17Online
Katie and Suri: Chelsea Piers Playdate!!!

Katie carries her adorable daughter Suri into Chelsea Piers to play on the playground on Thursday afternoon (April 7) in New York City. (Apparently Suri had recently taken a shower!!!)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Suri....nanny and me time!!!

While Katie filming her new movie "Son of No One" Suri as spotted out with her nanny in New York City today (April 7).

Suri wearing the same dress that used yesterday.......Pink/Navy Rugby Ruffled dress by SPLENDID LITTLE for S/S Collection 2008, not longer available, but you can find a similar dress HERE

and the same shoes, Girl´s Salina Safari patent-leather ballet flats (now in SALE section!!!) by J.CREW.

Source: Celebrity Baby Scoop

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Update: (April 5)

Our little Suri is training for the future
"Birdie´s Big Girl Shoes"

It's amazing how Suri tries to be a big girl!!, see her bedtime story....Wow!!!!, that if a life is around the fashion :)

Suri carried the book Birdie´s : Big Girl Shoes
"In this picture book by Sujean Rim, Birdie is totally tempted by her mommy’s heels. Her mom warns her that she isn’t ready for them but that doesn’t stop Birdie. She discovered that although she felt totally beautiful and glamorous that trying to play hide and seek or to do a cartwheel in pair of stilettos…well it just isn’t practical. She discovers the magic and practicality of her own bare feet".

you can buy it this book HERE!!!!!

Suri and Nanny: Chelsea Piers Couple Lunch.

Suri and her nanny went today (April 6) to lunch at "Chelsea Piers" in New York city.

Suri wearing a Pink/Navy Rugby Ruffled dress by SPLENDID LITTLE for S/S Collection 2008, is no longer available, but you can find a similar dress HERE

and Girl´s Salina Safari patent-leather ballet flats (now in SALE section!!!) by J.CREW.