Thursday, April 21, 2011


Ok, This is another rumor, nothing confirmed but for me at some point makes some sense, so I need point this out ^^!
The latest photos of Suri in NYC dinner with Tom and Katie at II Cantinori called my attention and you may wonder why, well, I thought that Suri looked strangely dirty and wet leaving the restaurant, it´s true, that night it rained in NYC but no inside the restaurant!!! ...AND! OMG, you already check the video posted on SCCB about that night?... Suri acts very strange, it seems that not even is she :( (here)

Well, according to Life & Style Magazine is an explanation for that. An anonymous source, who also dinner that night in II Cantinori said:

Suri “threw a tantrum” when Holmes woke her up for dessert. “She put her hands in a glass and proceeded to pour water on her face and head,” the so-called “eyewitness” says, adding, “She must have done this for 20 minutes without Tom or Katie reacting once.”

Let me know what you think?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Video :

We just found this video....omg!!!! you can see a lot of Suri, during her recent trip to NYC, in Vancouver, with her nanny, etc.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Special Post :

What Suri get for her 5th Birthday?

One of the gifts for Suri was the Lia Interactive Doll ($124.95) by COROLLE.

And this gift is a exclusive info for SCCB. Two brand sent they gifts for Suri birthday.
Chartreuse Designs made especially for Suri a beautiful custom coral, lime green and white glass beads bracelet ($80) (Thanks so much Tracy - Chartreuse Owner)

Abela Designs make another especial bracelet of pearls and ended with a cupcake ($32), you can found the same one but without the cupcake charm here. (Thanks so much Lani Osborn - Abela Owner)

Suri: New Haircut?

Suri apparently decided to cut her hair for her 5th birthday. A simple cut leaving Suri's hair to her shoulders. We can not wait to see more pictures of Suri in her newlook......Cute no? ^.^

Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Party

Suri First 5th B-Day Party Pictures!

This are the first pictures of Suri B-Day party in her home in Beverly Hills, CA. Apparently, no big party, ostentatious with circus and animals, only an intimate celebration with the closest friends . The theme was butterflies and cupcakes, just like Suri likes.

She is wearing the Popsicle Party Pink Ruffles Dress ($66) by BISCOTTI

and the Limited Edition Aqua sunglasses by RAY-BAN (out of stock, she first wore on november 21)

Happy Birthday Suri from FRANCE!

Amanda et Natalia:
Merci beaucoup versez CE blog merveilleux, Travail C'EST Vraiment incroyable Tous les jours. En France, Suri, HNE UNE Québec et Vous Voulez Célébrité BEAUCOUP, MAIS aimerions en voir plus UNO Often ici. J'Ai eu la chance en 2007 de Quand Rencontrer Venu EST IL AVEC Tom et Katie, Elle Est un ange, Amusant et Très beau, mon coeur une fondue.
Excusez mon français, mais je suis du Royaume-Uni et seulement il ya quelques années je vis en France, alors je suis encore à apprendre le français.

¡Joyeux anniversaire Suri Cruise!

Thanks Agnes for this lovely banner ^^!
Happy Birthday Suri from CHINA!

Hi! Natalia and Amanda,
I am one Suri fan from China! There are many people love this little pretty girl! I love your blog very much!
There is one gif pic which my friend who also love SURI very much made to celebrate her five years old birthday!
That a very cute pic. I hope it is not late to send it to you!
Wish Suri and her family happy forever! I really want to tell her, we love her sooooo much!
Thank you so much! your blog is sooooo great!!!
Your friend Fanny from China.

Thanks FANNY for this lovely banner ^^!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Suri!!!

We are so excited, our lovely and sweet Suri finally turn 5 today! All the best for you Suri, we are sure that you will have a GREAT AND FANTASTIC DAY with your family and little friends :)

Here are some of Suri gift that fans sent us for post in the cute! Thanks so much Anna, Kate, Olivia and Eloise for this beautiful banners we LOVE ^^!

(we will post more banners later, don´t worry if you sent your banner of pics and don´t see now)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Suri: Dylan´s Candy Bar Visit

Suri Cruise holds on to a stuffed grizzly bear as she visits Dylan’s Candy Bar on Wednesday (April 13) in New York City. Later, Tom, Katie and Suri leaving they apartment in NYC for back to L.A and continue with the plans for Suri´s birthday ^^!

I'm almost 100% sure that suri is wearing the Royal Purple Velvet dress for F/W 2010 by LITTLE MARC JACOBS. (looking better pics of suri with the dress)

with Purple Sketch Ballet Shoes also by LITTLE MARC JACOBS.

and White Off Wool Coat by BURBERRY (she first wore on December 16, sold out)

Thanks so much to the manager of Kids Travel Zone, Christie, for the exclusive info to SCCB. According to Christie: "The suitcase was purchased as a gift for Suri when she was born 5 yrs ago. This is the first I’ve seen or heard that she used it. She also got the matching Little Kids Backpack. The suitcase Suri has is our older style and it is actuality the 20” rolling carry-on. It has been updated. We do have the embroidery and font to match"

We post this info (about rolling bag) now, because it's funny that there are blogs where they feel happy and make much-vaunted to find a bag .... LOL ^:^!, maybe the decline is extreme, don´t worry we understand you :)

Becareful: Super angry Suri is out ^.^!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes leave dinner with their daughter, Suri, on Tuesday (April 12) in New York City.The happy family dined on Italian food at Il Cantinori, one of their favorite spots in the city!

Suri is wearing the Burgundy Heart Silk Dress by LITTLE MARC JACOBS (same color, sold out)

with the Ruffle Trench Coat (she first wore on march 11 - out of stock) by GAP KIDS and Kids Classic Boot in pink ($90) by UGG AUSTRALIA (she first wore on December 17th, 2010)

and O.M.G!!! - Suri will have her own clothing line? true or gossip? april joke?

This is just AMAZING, according with POPSUGAR, Suri Cruise is well-known for her love of fashion and helping to pick out her mom Katie Holmes's clothes, and now the bright youngster is planning to capitalize on her experience with a collection for kids called "Maison des Enfantes Dupes"!.
She's following in the footsteps of Katie, who's been working on a line with partner Jeanne Yang called Holmes & Yang for the last few seasons. Suri and Katie are planning to travel to France to source high-end fabrics for the new pieces, and Jeanne's also on board to consult for the brand. The press release says Suri plans to incorporate some of her signature looks, like kitten heels andthe color pink for the Spring/Summer 2012 installment. "Suri is excited to share her love of clothes with other children through her creations for Maison des Enfantes Dupes," says the statement. "She'll be guided by a team of experts, but will be the line's chief designer." (popsugar)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Suri & Katie in NYC

Katie was seen carrying Suri in NYC last march 10th. Sorry for the bad quality pictures ^^!

Suri wore another Esme Loungewear item and her favourite Cowboy bronco rain boot ($39) by DAV (she first wore on january 7)

*** Thanks to TCF for without logo pics ;)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Katie and her little party planner

We just check out the sweet interview of Katie on Jimmy Kimmel Show talking about her little helper Suri and how she loves to help Katie at every party they have, even in her own B-day party this april 18th ... enjoy it!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Katie reveals Suri's 5th Birthday Party Plans

A Mother knows best when it comes to planning the perfect celebration for Suri Cruise's birthday."This is my favorite day of the year, so we're going to have a little tea party," Katie Holmes told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM morning radio show on Monday.

Suri, who turns 5 on April 18, will have her wishes granted on her special day. "She wants a piñata, and wants her girlfriends to come over [for] some swimming," Holmes, 32, said. "And we're going to make a cake together."

No word on whether or not Tom Cruise, will take part in the planning process, but it sounds unlikely, considering Holmes says she plans to "girl it up" for the bash!, anyway, you can check the last People Magazine where also talk about Suri´s B-day plans ;)

***In addition, we just opened our contest "Make your own gift for Suri."
From now until April 17th , we received all kinds of photomontages, banners, poems, songs, pictures, etc., about 5th birthday of Suri. That day will select the best, or depending on the amount we receive, we will post all in our blog in a especial post for Suri's birthday as a way to wish her a happy birthday. And beware!!! because Holmes & Yang has visited our blog several times, so maybe, Katie and Suri see your work.....What are you waiting for? (^.*)

^^send your gift to