Monday, October 3, 2011

The Cruises at Soergel’s Orchard Festival

On Sunday (september 24), Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their daughter, Suri, arrived at Soergel’s Orchard during the fall festival.

“The little girl – she’s cute as a button,” says Reed Soergel. “Most of the customers who were here did not know it because there was no big following.” In fact, the Cruise family was accompanied by only a couple of very discrete bodyguards who kept their distance. “Suri had her face painted. She played in our little straw pile that the kids were all playing in – jumping around in straw and then they took a horse drawn wagon ride with my husband and I,” says Katie Morrison who is part of the Soergel family.

Suri is wearing one of her favorite Holmes&Yang Polka Dot dress. Suri wore this dress for the first time on August 2008 in NY.

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