Monday, November 1, 2010

Suri: Trick or Treat Day

Mommy and her little darling started off the long day by heading over to the Century City Mall in search of the perfect costume.

She wearing the Girl Burgundy Skirted Leotard by REDRAIN for DANCE COLLEGE DANCEWEAR.

Once decided on what to wear, Katie and Suri then made their way over to a fun-filled party with friends and family before Suri tossed on her princess costume to load up on candy during a trick-or-treat session.

This is the first time we can see Suri celebrating Halloween like any normal kid going door to door collecting candies. OMG!.....Look the funny face of Katie =)

Suri wearing Girls Pink Tulip Fairy Halloween Costume available in SOPHIAS STYLE for $45.99

and the Girls Princess Tiara Headband available in COSTUME CRAZE on sale for $9.34


  1. Hii I love your blog ..
    where did you find those pictures?


  2. Hi Dear Mady:
    OMG Thanks so much =)
    I found the picture in SPLASH NEWS and can check both site.

    Natalia Caver

  3. hi babe..its me jane..regarding the leotard, seems like its from do i purchase from USA, would u noe?? thanks much!

  4. I am looking for another place where you can buy
    I will post the info just have it or send me your mail to send it to you.

    Anyway, I continue looking, because I think that the leotard is exactly similar, but not the same, I'm not sure, but keep looking.


  5. hi babe...its at
    thanks much...i was also wandering a much earlier photo of suri in toronto wer she watched Legally Blonde the Musical...she was wearing a red checked dress.

  6. Hi Jane, I always looking for that dress, but i cant found :(.......

  7. she has such lovely clothes..keep me posted on the leotard ok..thanks natalia