Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Miami, Florida.

Katie & Suri: Shopping at the Bal Harbour Stores

Katie and Suri shopping at the Bal Harbour Shops yesterday (june 21) in Florida. Mother and daughter visited stores like Calypso St.Barth and 02 Oxygene. Maybe we can see soon new outfits for Suri! ;)

Correction!: Suri is wearing Tiered Ruffle Dress from Hamptons Collection 2010 by GAP KIDS (out of stock). Thanks so much to EMILIA for stock picture, you still can found the most similar version HERE

with the Butterfly Flip Flops by GAP KIDS ( she first wore on june 13th) and she is holding the Collectible American Girl of the year 2009 Chrissa Doll & Paperback book (out of stock, she first hold on february 23)


  1. Wow.... SURI'S IN A $12 DRESS?!

  2. yes, and her skirt on LEAVING MIAMI POST, the original price was $8 LOL, SO who talk about expensive shoes?!

  3. So what if it's $12? It's cute and it doesn't look cheap! Love the little heart necklace :)

  4. People are so stupid when it comes to dressing. They have this belief that stylish clothes are million dollar outfits. Looking stylish isn't how expensive something is, but how it's worn and put together. So all this "oh it's a $12 dress," or "she's wearing normal kid clothes," nonsense in so ridiculous. People with style don't go by price, and I'm most sure that Katie doesn't go around buying dresses just because the price is more than most of you make in a paycheck. You can take this from someone that's been working in the fashion world for the last 12 years.

  5. Well said, Sateen. It doesn't matter about the price, just as long as a piece/outfit looks good! Heck, sometimes those "designer" things look worse than something at forever 21 or gap. :)

    I'm glad someone else feels this way, because it kills me how some people base fashion 100% on a name or brand.

    A 5 year old doesn't need extremely expensive clothes as is. All they'll do is mess them up, probably!