Saturday, August 6, 2011

Busy Mommy!

***Awww!!! Isn't she ADORABLE? 

***Outfit (not good, are that black socks necessary?), Stroller (cute), Doll (tender), Purse (so stylish), baby care (still in practise!!!) LOL 

Katie takes a stroll with her daughter Suri on Saturday (August 6) in L.A. The 5-year-old cutie pushed one of her dolls in a baby carriage and carried a small purse. Late last month, Suri pushed another one of her dolls in a different carriages!!!!

Suri is wearing the Embroidered Knit Top from F/W 2010 by H&M KIDS (out of stock)

Thx so much to Cynthi for the top stock picture!

with Glicine Mary Jane Shoe ($46.90) by LELLI KELLY (Suri bought these shoes at Riginals in July 2nd 2010).

and she is pushing the Small Stroller ($34.99) and inside Calin Yang doll ($34.95), both by COROLLE. Baby´s entertainment is the little Hello Kitty Key-Clip ($2.99) by TY.

Suri also is wearing the Cherry Etnie Print Skirt from S/S 2009 by SEED CHILD (out of stock, she first wore on june 30)


  1. Awwww! Yes, she is completely adorable!
    I doesn't like the black socks too... The shoes are the same of Seraphina! :)

  2. Oh Suri. You can do better.

  3. She could've worn white socks or pink. She is adorable anyway!

  4. or maybe NOOOO socks!!! LOL
    it´s funny coz she use socks in summer but she doesn´t wear in winter, even with snow!! hahahahahahahhahaha
    anyway, she look ADORABLE!!!!

  5. Suri's so adorable!! Love the skirt but hate the shoes (especially w/socks... but just hate the shoes anyway...) :(

    C'mon, where are those cute little heels, Suri???


  7. I miss the heels too! But I don't want her to hurt her ankles!

  8. Hi !
    I have some information about Suri's embroidered tee! =D

  9. send me to my mail