Friday, August 26, 2011

Katie & Suri: Out in L.A

Katie holds hands with her adorable daughter Suri while heading into an office building on Friday (August 26) in Beverly Hills, Calif. 

Suri is wearing the Girl's Tiered Sweater Dress in pink ($138) by JUICY COUTURE (She first wore on january 29) with Butterflies Flip-Flops ( she first wore on june 13th) and she accessorized her outfit with Floral Print Bag from Rainforest Collection 2009 (she first hold this bag on september 29, 2009 in Boston, MA), both by GAP KIDS.


  1. OMG that's weird she wore that because I tried that dress on yesterday in juicy couture.... but I look like a little kid in it. I wish my parents had bought me that dress when I was like 9 and still was like an actual kid.

  2. Suri goes to pre-school:

    .....So happy that we'll be seeing her often now that she's going to school!
    Why pre-school, though? Isn't she kindergarten age? ... anyway, cute dress! Will work on the outfit for you ;)