Sunday, July 18, 2010

Exclusive Information:

What Suri shop in RIGINALS

Thanks so much to RIGINALS STAFF for the EXCLUSIVE about Katie and Suri purchase in RIGINALS on july 2 in Westfield Mall.

***Katie and Suri bought three items:

1.- First, they bought a pair of LELLI KELLY shoes, the Glicine Dolly Lilac Fantasy shoes. This time, this pair of shoes comes with a gift, a Lelli Kelly cell phone make-up , that our adorable Suri no wait to use :) , in the pictures you can see how she wears her mini cell. (so cute!!! )

2.- The Lovely Spring dress by TWIRLY GIRL

3.- and OF COURSES!!! , another ESME LOUNGEWEAR home pajama, the
spaghetti strap tank top with long pant in a purple cheetah print with roses (only available in some stores, included RIGINALS)

***If you wish to buy these products you can contact Carole ( . They have a shipping service or you can also go to the store and see the products that have RIGINALS, including brands such as Little Giraffe, Fun Bath, Angel Dear, Aden & Anais, Baby Lulu, Kaiya Eve, Alex Toys, Trumpette, Tuffo, Baby Legs, PJ's - Sara's Prints, At Home, Esme and Personalized Music CD's.

Happy Shopping!!! :)

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