Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vancouver, Canada

Katie & Suri: Cupcakes Day

Katie Holmes spends some quality mother-daughter time with Suri on Saturday (March 5) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.The 32-year-old actress treated camera-shy Suri, 4, to shopping toys again in the Kaboodles Toy Store in her red trench coat.

She is wearing the Red Trench Coat for the F/W´09 by D&G JUNIOR.

Then, mother and daughter (Suri with another coat lol!) , pick up some gourmet cupcakes in "CUPCAKES by Heather & Lori"

Suri is wearing Purple Dot Dress with Heart Pockets FW'10 by H&M (she first wore on March 1, currently sold out in all stores)

with Basketball Sparkle heart shoes by H&M (she first wore on February 7, sold out)

and the White Off Wool Coat by BURBERRY (she first wore on December 16, sold out)


  1. She is so cute! Thats her new fave outfit and I LOVE it! And knowing someone is going to say something about her changing her coar, I think its cute and adorable.

  2. OMG!! Agree with u. .... I love the first pictures, she look so sweet and extremely feminine. About coat ...... hahahahahahaha ...... the bad comments coming or maybe this time she's satisfied lol *.*!

    Natalia :)

  3. I sometimes checkout Suri Cruise Fashion Blog is because they have info from before September 2009. I was wondering, if you had the time, maybe you could look up this dress? They said it's D&G, but that dress they said ISN'T it. The straps are different and not the same print at all!

    I'm thinking of making it myself I like it so much, but first I'd like to know if I can buy it anywhere (in my size, lol. I'm a girls' 14). I only like to make things if I CAN'T buy them (or they're $920, like that H&Y dove dress I did).

    -Thanks, anonymous12

  4. Anonymous12
    please send me ur email and I will send u the info ;)