Saturday, March 5, 2011

Exclusive Information from Vancouver

In another exclusive for SCCB. Here's some items Suri chose from Granville Island Toy Co.

A reminder that all products purchased by Suri are available at Granville Island Toy Co. but as we know that our fan followers reside worldwide, so we leave the links where you can buy the products if you live outside of Canada.

CREATIVE EDUCATION (Great Pretenders Costume):

1.- Lady Kate Cloak $43 (Beautiful, rich, dark blue velour fabric with silky white inside. Gold trim and two jewels for the clasp)
2.- Pink Princess Cape $19.95 ( silky soft pink princess cape has a shimmering silver trim and a silver crown on the back)
3.- Princess Tutu Spaghetti Strap Dress (just available only at Granville Island Toy Co.)


2.- Doctor Dog Vet with Plush Puppy $27 (the same one is only available in the store, you can found the same in other color here)

And... the adorable Suri chose a present for Daddy Tom, the Gold edition BUCKYBALLS, the amazing Magnetic Desktoy you just cant put down - for Adults $39.99.

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