Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vancouver, Canada

Katie heads to Kids Market at Granville Island with Suri!

Upon arrival Katie and Suri headed into various stores including Kaboodles & primarily Granville Island Toy Store on Tuesday (March 1) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. For a little lady as girlie as Suri Cruise, you'd have expected her to make a beeline for the dolls upon entering a toy shop. But the four-year-old clearly thought that the train set looked much more fun as she shopped with her mother yesterday.

Suri was snapped out with Katie Holmes in Vancouver yesterday as they ambled round a kids market in the Canadian city. The pair visited the Granville Island Kids Market which has 28 shops and an indoor play area and amusement arcade, ideal for a family day out. They stopped at a toy shop where Suri appeared to have been given a free reign to choose whichever toy she wanted. But rather than head for the dressing up box or the shelves and shelves of dolls, she headed straight for a Thomas The Tank Engine train set.

Suri is wearing the Purple Dot Dress with Heart Pockets FW'10 by H&M (currently sold out in all stores)

and sported with her famous red D&G JUNIOR trench coat for the F/W`09 (out of stock)


  1. I love this dress on Suri ;)

  2. For anybody who's going to complain, as I know they will, I don't see anything wrong with her wearing this coat. It still fits and it's ADORABLE!
    I still wear a trench coat (that ironically looks EXACTLY like this. lol.) from when I was 9 years old– I'm 13 and it still fits about like that coat fits Suri.


  3. I totally agree with you. I dont understand people claiming if Suri used again and again the same item, is true, i know, is much more fun when she wears something new, but she has a unique style and can wear whatever she want, which very few can do.

    Sometimes people forget that she has 4 years and like every child should have their favorite clothes. The only thing with which I disagree is with the pajamas in public, but only because I think they are inappropriate.

    Thanks so much for this comment ANONYMOUS12 ;)

  4. ANONYMOUS12: OMG!!!!You only have 13 years and I think that your views are very mature. Congratulations *.*!

  5. oh my 3 n half girly girl did the same thing yesterday wen i took her to a toy shop...she wen straight for a thomas the train wheel adorable these kids

  6. Seems to be a very entertaining game and liked by children ;)

  7. To add on to anonymous12 We all wear things more than once. What's wrong with Suri wearing something more than once. I was 10 when I got a pair of shoes i really liked and now I'm 12 and they still fit. So I wear them whenever I want!

  8. She could pick only one toy!!! She usually has three bags full of toys! Katie must want to cut back on the buying

  9. OMG......totally agree with both (anonymous12 & princessbess):

    Sometimes I cant understand how there are other blogs where constantly criticize Suri and the clothing that she wears.

    Apparently the owner of "that" blog forget that Suri (who supposedly she wants) only have 4 years!!!! and no 30!!!! I wonder if that "person" would like to criticize her daughter, sure no.

    I have no children (I´m 22) but I have a little sister and she have the same age of Suri and when she likes something, she used again and again, like SURI AMERICAN APPAREL PINK DRESS, she can use a thousand times without getting bored because she says it looks like Angelina!!! *.*... come on, are only children!!!!!!

    Suri act and be treated as an adult, does not mean that what is inside is a BIG WOMAN is just a girl like any other, right or wrong, she have a world-famous parents.

    Anonymous12 & Princessbess: I think the youth girls of today show that has an excellent opinion and sometimes are much more mature than adult women who always critical a "child" (Suri).

  10. Honestly, I think you are the best person to take over a blog. This is supposed to be fun but it bothers me that people criticize Suri if she is only a child.
    My daughter and even I, use things more than once when we like. I think everybody does, even people with much money as Suri.
    Long time ago I follow another blog and I shall not name out of respect and because I'm sure you know who I mean. But I got tired of seeing bad reviews and information from other children.
    Even criticism of the brand, the latter went to Lili Gaufrette. OMG!, I imagine that this person should be a great designer with a great sense of fashion, I wonder where she sells her clothes and what is her name?

    I must admit that I have the opportunity to buy everything suri used and this blog really helps me find what I want in a fun and not criticisms.

    NATALIA AND AMANDA, both do an excellent job and I totally agree when you say: "I wonder if that "person" would like to criticize her daughter, sure no"... Of course not, every mother defends her children against all and I think that if Katie saw this someday, she will be very disappointed.

  11. Princessbess: Don't you find it funny we're both 12 (yeah, yeah. My 13th bday's next week) and the adults are the ones always bashing and complaining.... about a kid who hasn't even hit kindergarten. Yeah, sure, we'd like to see the glam stuff of last year. But, honestly, I wonder how many of those hypocrites dressed even THIS good at age 4.


  12. my lovely matures and littles ANONYMOUS12 & PRINCESSBESS:Seems like a good idea if we talk about this in private?... Give me your mails ;)

    mine is:

  13. my email is

    It is sad how some adults would criticize a 4 year old on how she dresses.i love how suri dresses and If i didnt like something she was wearing I wouldnt say anything. She is only four.