Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Suri: Dylan´s Candy Bar Visit

Suri Cruise holds on to a stuffed grizzly bear as she visits Dylan’s Candy Bar on Wednesday (April 13) in New York City. Later, Tom, Katie and Suri leaving they apartment in NYC for back to L.A and continue with the plans for Suri´s birthday ^^!

I'm almost 100% sure that suri is wearing the Royal Purple Velvet dress for F/W 2010 by LITTLE MARC JACOBS. (looking better pics of suri with the dress)

with Purple Sketch Ballet Shoes also by LITTLE MARC JACOBS.

and White Off Wool Coat by BURBERRY (she first wore on December 16, sold out)

Thanks so much to the manager of Kids Travel Zone, Christie, for the exclusive info to SCCB. According to Christie: "The suitcase was purchased as a gift for Suri when she was born 5 yrs ago. This is the first I’ve seen or heard that she used it. She also got the matching Little Kids Backpack. The suitcase Suri has is our older style and it is actuality the 20” rolling carry-on. It has been updated. We do have the embroidery and font to match"

We post this info (about rolling bag) now, because it's funny that there are blogs where they feel happy and make much-vaunted to find a bag .... LOL ^:^!, maybe the decline is extreme, don´t worry we understand you :)


  1. lovely shoes!!! ;)

  2. I'm sure you must have close connections with Suri. LOL!!!!
    It's amazing how long it take you find what she wears, only a few seconds. You should advise me on my purchases LOL I have a 3 year old daughter and it would be great if you create a company where help amateurs mothers like me to dress their daughters as SURI CRUISE ;)


  3. I love her shoes

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  5. I loveeeeeeeee this blog is just gorgeous, design, pics, updates, info....ALL!!!!! continue in this way girl GOOD JOB!!! ;)

  6. Totally agree with AGNES ^^!!!!

  7. I love her pink suitcase.

  8. Thanks so much for help me Nat, u save my life choose for me that dress for my niece, great tips!!!!

    Love ur blog is the best of all Suri´s blog, the other Suri Cruise Fashion Blog is soooooooooooooo BOREDDDD!!!!!!! is like my grandmother blog LOL hahahahahahaahahahahahahhahahahaha

  9. I love this blog too....

  10. U´re always welcome KATE, I love help u because u have a great taste so is so easy choose a dress for ur lovely niece ;) and I really hope that she love the beautiful DIOR dress that we choose for she, is a great option for a 5yrs girl ;)

    and please, I really appreciate your comments about this other blog of Suri, but prefer that the comments about her not say in MY blog, it's a cheap fight we do not want to be involved.

    All the people who visit our blog knows exactly the kind of person she is. Everyone knows that steals information and then updated her blog, but it is so common, not worth arguing with someone so ordinary.


  11. hi dear, wer u think the grizzly bear is from? looks really stuffed and cuddly. thanks!
    (oh and one more thing about the other Suri blog, the comments made on that blog are usually very rude and ugly things said about Suri but the owner of blog choose to display the comments which i think its so wrong in the first place, if these ppl don like Suri, why subscribe to a suri blog at all?!!!!)