Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Katie and her little party planner

We just check out the sweet interview of Katie on Jimmy Kimmel Show talking about her little helper Suri and how she loves to help Katie at every party they have, even in her own B-day party this april 18th ... enjoy it!!!


  1. omg so cute I can imagine Suri make this things, she is so sweet

  2. Cute–– but meetings? Wow.

  3. omg she´s so lovely !!!!!! I'd love be one of those "meetings" lol ^^!
    I sure that Suri will have a great party, cant wait to see her party bags, cause for her birthday number 3 she gift some beautiful necklaces by MIJA JEWELRY, I imagine that this time must be something more bigger and luxurious, or maybe more simple....who knows?

  4. Dang I haven't checked this blog in like two weeks and no new sightings! Where is she??? She's got to go to the party store or something.

    Come on Suri, I want to see more outfits!!!