Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas !!!

On this special day, we want to thank everyone for the support they have given us in these past 4 months.

When we started this project, I never imagined all the help we receive from people around the world, brands, shops, and fans around the world.
We just want to thank you for all the help. Besides already almost 8000 views!!! in just 4 months , WOW!!!...we are very surprised :)

Thank you very much for everything and part of the coordinators of SURI CRUISE CLOTHES BLOG...we wish you a merry Christmas, much love and peace on this day so beautiful.
Thanks for the mail, photos, information, post, gifts of brands, and more :)

Thanks to:
***First Little´s Chloé and Connie (for being our inspiration)
1.-Vania (we are a great team, thanks you so much for all support)
2.-Kiara (for your post)
3.-Sophie (for you gift and exclusive)
4.-Susan (for your help)
5.-Kathy (for your information on the clothes bought for suri in Jacadi)
6.-Jeanne Yang (for corroboration of the Holmes & Yang dresses)
7.- Hayle (for Polka kids clothes exclusive)
8.-Simon (for Mill & Mia clothes exclusive)
9.-Susy (for magazine scan)
10.-Mandy (for 3 monkeys boutique exclusive pictures)
11.-Camill (for your mails)
12.-Veronica (for your help and questions about the Suri´s Clothes)
13.-Maxfield´s Store (for the exclusive interview)
14.-Rocio and Lina Store in Spain (for all support and flamenco dress exclusive pictures)
15.-Ashley (for information and news)

and each and every one of those who have visited our blog!!!

***Sorry if I forgot someone, we thank everyone for their support, the anonymous constantly cooperating and make our work a little easier.

Sincerely Natalia and Amanda.
Happy Christmas!!!

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