Thursday, December 10, 2009

Exclusive Information:

Our Flamenco dress exclusive
"El Taller de Lina".

With our dear Natalia's alliances across in Seville, Spain we are the only ones able to deliver to you foremost the exclusive coverage of Tom's recent purchase for his Little Princess - Suri's beautiful pink custom made Flamenco outfit by 'El Taller de Lina'.

At Lina's you will not only receive the very best service, but you will find the probably most famous Flamenco dresses in the world. This highly reputated house has raised traditional artisany to an artform. The Queen of Spain dresses at Lina's when she visits "Feria de Sevilla", as Princess Grace of Monaco used to do. Lina makes the outfit for some of the greatest theater and ballet performances as well as for many famous folklore artists: Isabel Pantoja, Milagros Mengibar, Maria Rosa and Merche Esmeralda, among others.

*The custom dress costs $800 Euros

Tom commanded a 'Flamenco dress misson completed' by one of his assistants help to source in the Spanish capital an Andalusian Flamenco dress by the best workmanship in Seville - 'Lina' to make this for his dear Little Suri.

The Flamenco dress that Suri wears was sourced on Thursday, and Friday already Tom had chosen. Did not even give time to make to measure for Suri, as it was selected before her arrival with Katie. He asked his assistant for two or three dresses of the size of Suri, luckily it turned out perfect.The dress is of fabric of cotton with a reactionary design that evokes the epoch in which its mother, of the designer dressed in the Fair to visitors as Grace of Monaco. Avoiding the question of the price, the designer exposed that the fabric is of the "most exclusive". The dress of Suri's, was crafted in an unique model and was the first one of the collection that the designer will prepare for the Fair of 2010.

So from all this commotion already there is a clear thing: an avalanche of girls in flamenco rose dresses will flood the next Fair and the workshops of the designer 'Lina' (and others that will be inspired by her) perhaps hundreds of family will want a small one like Suri's when the time arrive and for that identical dress.

"Thanks you so much from Rocio Montero (Designer of Taller de Lina) for all suport and help with us".

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