Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sevilla, Spain (Dec.12).

Suri visited Magical Island.

The theme park was reserved only for the sweet Suri and her family, when the public was gone. It was a condition they had done and the director Antonio Peláez agreed. Instead of entering through the main entrance, came to the flag of Spain and rose to several attractions: Rebellion for Christmas (film 4D), suri insisted on being photographed beside the snowman who is at the outlet, that is who stars in the film.

Attractions for children from the Fountain of Youth, The Jaguar and suri's favorite, THE CAROUSEL. She saw the carousel and persisted with him. So to get to where they are located, there was another key moment, family picture in a carriage!!! They got all three, Tom, Katie and Suri.

Suri wearing a Diamond Jacquard Tie Cardigan in navy color by SEED and Highlighter Kids Rib Skater Tank Dress in Fluorescent Pink color by AMERICAN APPAREL.

Visit the website of the park...."ISLA MÁGICA"

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