Sunday, October 14, 2012

Subway Trip to the Park with Mommy!

Katie and Suri enjoyed a fun trip in New York's subway on Sunday (october 14, 2012) in route to the park for a playdate with some friends. The duo acted completely normal and Katie talked with her daughter all the time trying to make the trip as normal as possible.

Suri was seen talking on the phone while she waiting for her friends with Katie in New York's Battery Park.

Suri is wearing Fanti2 Flats in blush glitter ($39) by Nina Kids

and Three-Quarter Sleeve Coat With Mittens ($116) by Barneys New York Kids Collection (she first wore on august 20, 2012)

***Accesories info: Suri is carrying Leather Bag ($29.95) by H&M


  1. I know Suri is a fan of ballet flats. It's so great to see her wearing Nina's sparkly Fanti2.

  2. 6 yr. olds shouldnt have cell phones...

  3. We can not judge by what we see, perhaps this phone is not hers. Moreover, each parent educates their children as they want.

  4. Please, tell me what model of phone is suri?

  5. I'm happy Suri can live the life of an everyday kid. the divorce was good for her. now she can go to school! i also like how katie isn't buying all those expensive clothes and suri still looks cute. katie is a great parent :)

  6. Anonymous: You stole the words out of my mouth (^.^) COMPLETELY AGREE