Thursday, November 24, 2011

In Suri`s Wardrobe : Bloch

I just found Suri´s "trash-shoes" LOL. I know that she looks so cute on those heels BUT come on!! a hole on the toe it´s not "Suri´s Style" (^.^)

Anyway this has an explanation. These shoes wasn´t made to walk around the streets even if are the glamorous "Upper East Side". These heels are "ballroom shoes" so was made ​​to be used in rooms with floors suitable for dancing. Therefore, if you used in unsuitable places most likely to break easily as Suri.

Suri wore these Ballroom heels on several times during her last trip to NYC on early november and as ALWAYS she removed the strap. These are the Syllabus Accent shoes by Bloch and you can get it for $23 or £14.95


  1. You're right about that shoes! Last month I went to a friend's house, and she has that Bloch shoes too (my friend is a dancer). I put them on and she said to be careful because they're very fragile, because are adapted to dancefloors.
    So yes, it's normal that Suri's ones have a hole! I really don't like to see people saying Suri isn't careful and doesn't give value to her things :(

  2. she doesnt value her shoes. she doesnt have to and she never will

  3. This is so ironic.... haha

  4. Hey.... just wondering how you do the pictures of clothes, like putting the pics together and then putting stock photos/brand photos in the same pic... I can't figure this out... do you use some sort of photo editing site?

    I'm doing a fashion blog about my own outfits. ;)

    Thanks, Anonymous12

  5. LOL *.*
    I use a particular template that I created in photoshop.

  6. The trash shoes go along with that pink dress with the holes in the netting. Even if shoes are not meant to be worn for everyday, by consistently letting Suri wear them, Katie is reinforcing Suri's will. Suri doesn't want a strap, but wants to wear her dance shoes for everyday, some parents would just buy shoes apprpriate for everyday wear and say no to the child's request. She's not doing Suri any favors by letting her do whatever she wants. The teen years will be interesting.

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