Monday, July 4, 2011

Suri is ready to celebrate this 4th of July!

Suri and her friends leave Soho Beach House Hotel today (july 4th). Judging by Tom's birthday celebration, I think the fun continues this July 4th.

***Suri is wearing EXACTLY the same outfit of july 2 , the Grey Purse Tee Top from Starry Night Collection by GAP (sold out, Suri wore this outfit on february 7thand Heart Flip Flops ($8,95) by GAP KIDS (she first wore on june 30th)


  1. SURIIIIII!!!! What happened to that flag hat???? lol.

    I'll work on that skirt for you :)

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  3. darling thanks so much!!! send me all to my mail:

  4. To everyone who put lies up saying she doen't have friends heres proof