Friday, March 25, 2011

iLoveGorgeous: fit for a princess

From Jane in iLoveGorgeous: "we´re very excited about the Royal Wedding and can´t wait to see what Kate´s gorgeous little helpers will be wearing! This is our selection of dresses perfect for celebrating the big day in style".

5.-My Heart dress £98.00
6.-Rose Red dress £112.00 (our favourite)

more info: Jane Clucas


  1. such a beautiful clothes!!!!!!

  2. I was checking out this brand's website earlier today, and they have super cute everyday dresses too! :)


    P.S. Sorry, I just HAD to say this!
    Why do you people care do much about the "royal wedding" thing??? Weddings happen everyday, plus lots of big celebrities get married and spend lots of money etc., and we only talk about them maybe a month. This ordeal has gone on for, what, TWO YEARS...?!? Gosh, I'll be glad when it's over so people stop talking about it!!

    Wonder what it's like in the UK if it's talked about this much in the US! Oh my gosh.... god forbid how much limelight their kid will be in. She'll pass Suri's popularity in the blink of an eye.

  3. Those are all beautiful dresses. But, I don't liked the cross my heart dress.

  4. I'd love to see suri in those dresses one day