Saturday, March 19, 2011

Holmes & Yang Launched on Beverly Hill

We never post information about Katie because this is a "Suri Blog", just sometimes, one or another interview where Katie talks about Suri. But this time, this information is relevant because some of the Suri´s dresses appear in the pictures.

Katie Holmes and design partner Jeanne Yang are all smiles at the preview event for their Holmes & Yang Fall 2011 collection at Barneys New York on Saturday (March 19) in Beverly Hills, Calif. Her step-son Connor rocked a Lacoste top, danced at the DJ booth, and spun a few of his own beats. Even Victoria Beckham’s oldest son Brooklyn stopped by to show support for Katie. Earlier in the evening, Katie also recently revealed her tips for making a home on the road.

K:“Bring lots of crayons, glue, good paper and you can turn any room into a very warm, familial place,” she told WWD. “My mom grew up making curtains and pillows and everything, and it made our home very warm, so I like to do things like that with my daughter. My husband got me a sewing machine for my birthday.”

The most adorable of launched is that the twins daughters of Jeanne Yang attended to the event wearing one of the dress created for Holmes & Yang KIDS. The same dress that Suri has used on several occasions, the Silk Navy Dress with embroidered White Birds.

Jeanne´s daughters combined the dress with the beautiful (left girl) Juicy Couture Girls' "Lanice" Kitten Heel (still available only in black) and (right girl) with a "funky" black leggings and Classic Boot in black by UGG.


  1. I love the girl of right!!!!!! oh gosh!!!! looks so sweet and elegant
    I would like to see suri dress like she,not wearing clothes from past seasons and already sold out I miss the "old suri" wearing Bonpoint :(

    kisses from france :)

  2. I wanted that dress so bad. Unfortunately: Price Tag: $920. Ok, 1. Who pays $920 for a dress that, by the way, doesn't come larger than size 10. – 2. Why is their stuff so expensive anyway? Even the TOP designer brands' kids clothes never cost that much. Like $300 or something. What makes these people think they're Chanel just because they appear on magazines sometimes?

    By the way, I actually ended up making the dress myself! My "version" of the dress is two-toned (navy bodice, purple skirt) and accidentally made it a bit of a different material (still floats the same way). Mine's neck comes down a little lower so it looks more my age, too.


    P.S. The girl on the left is SO cute! Love the shoes!


  4. oh anonymous12: I would love see ur version of the dress!!!! :)

    I agree with you, I think the dress is very expensive.Not even top brands like Burberry, DIOR, D & G or Armani sell their clothes so expensive.
    But I must say that perhaps it´s because the fabric is quite unique, an ancient type of fabric which are only a few pieces in the world. Maybe for that are only a few sizes....the small sizes lol!


  5. the twins look adorable in that dress. I like that both of them accessorise it differently and that it reflects them as individuals, yet stylish!

  6. oh..thanks DIYA for ur comment!!!!...we love ur blog

  7. Suri has terrible clothes and they are always too big. Her hair is too long and stringy. She needs a haircut ASAP. I can't believe that Katie Holmes lets her daughter go around like that. TERRIBLE ON EVERY LEVEL!

    1. Suri is a beautiful little girl and I don't think the owner of this blog enjoys you commenting rude things about a five year old. If Katie wants to raise her daughter the way she is now, that's fine. Since it's her daughter and her decision.