Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Inside of Holt Renfrew by Amanda:

Today I went directly to the Holt Renfrew Store in Vancouver, the same as Katie and Suri visited on January 9th.

I could not avoid running into the shoe section where Suri was photographed picking and playing with shoes. And there were !!!!!!!!! as Suri wore.......glittery pair of Jimmy Choo' I couldn't not share a closer photos with our readers those precious little stilettos that caught Suri's eye.

But.... Suri decided to tip toe on the carpet in the kitten heels and chose out 2 other pairs for Katie a Michael Kors pump and Marc by Marc Jacobs wedge platform ballet pump. Finally, to my surprise, Katie didnt buy any shoes that Suri chose for her. It was just a fun trip for Suri, who according to sources, had fun choosing and wearing shoes for about 1 hour :)

(All this info is exclusive of SURI CRUISE CLOTHES BLOG)


  1. You are so lucky!!!!!

  2. OMG! You are so luck!
    Did you see Suri someday?

  3. Hi BRUNA and ELOISE:
    Definitively Mandee is very lucky!!!! :)
    Probably one of these days could know Suri and give us exclusive details to share with our readers.

  4. First at all: Your blog is amazing.

    I love it!
    And I expend all my free time here and on internet searching news about Suri.

    I know about your experience in this kind of searchings and i really think that you can help me. Yesterday I received from a friend who lives in California a beautiful photo, she said me that the little girl at the picture is Suri but I don't know, maybe you can help me and told me if that is true because if that is true, that photo is just wonderful.
    Can I send you that photo?

    Atte. Sara

  5. Hi SARA:
    Thanks so much....You dont know how happy I am to know that people like our blog :)

    Of course I can help!!!!.... Send me the photo to my personal email

    You are ALWAYS welcome!!!

  6. Thank you =D

    For the help, and for the blog =D

    And about the pair of Jimmy Choo's I think Suri love them because that shoes are high heels =D

    Kisses from México!

    Atte. Sara =)

  7. Por supuesto Sara!!! jajajajaja

    Suri ama los tacones y sobre todo si tienen brillo, Katie ha dicho en reiteradas entrevistas que Suri ama todo lo que sea brillantes........jajajajaj....

    Gracias por la foto, te respondi por mail. De todas formas eres bienvenida siempre, me alegra mucho que te guste nuestro blog, me hace muy feliz escuchar eso.

    Siempre puedes enviarme cualquier información a mi mail y encantada te ayudare.