Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Which Hollywood Kid Wore It Better?

Suri or Violet?

It seems Hollywood parents have their favorite stores for themselves and their kids. And it seems that the likes of Katie Holmes and Jennifer Garner are quite similar to the time of dressing their lovely daughters ..... both are fans of J.CREW.


Suri wore the Girls sequin heart tee in light ginger color on June 24th 2010 in Toronto, Canada. Violet was seen using the same shirt yesterday (january 10) in Santa Monica, California. ..... but which girl looks better?...you choose!!! =)

Of course !!!!.... I have my favorite!!!!...but it is silly to say, if it's something completely obvious. =)


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  2. Both looks cute but I still go with your Suri.

  3. I think both are looking cute but I still also go with Suri, She is same looking innocent doll.

  4. Hi HUGO BOSS Men's Clothing & Volcom:
    Thanks so much for ur post....nice clothes in both website :)

    I think the same, both kids looking cute and fashion but I have my favourite......OF COURSES....SURI :)