Sunday, October 10, 2010

Update: October 6

I finally found the entire outfit that Suri used in October 6th. She was using the Lavender Ballet Leotard for S/S 2009 Collection by H&M. (out of stock)

and Girl´s Layered Skirt for F/W Collection 2010 by MIRELLA for Bloch.

"MIRELLA" recently just launched a collection for Bloch, Suri has worn some outfits of this brand, so it was expected that Katie bought some items by MIRELLA.

This post is especially for Jane, who was very interested in this outfit ;)


  1. you are tooooooo sweet...thanks for that!!.....u think mirella did the top too??
    each time i on my comp, i go to your blog first coz i cant get your updates!!! thanks again...

  2. Apparently the top is not MIRELLA :(
    I contacted the brand and they said that leotard not belong to any of their collections.
    But I keep looking and happy I'll post the info on blog for you ..... Dont worry honey!....

    Natalia Caver

  3. thanks are really sweet...and really good...I didint realise she was wearing a leotard!!...i even searched american apparel and Jcrew but the top is nowhere to be found!!

  4. ok jane here are the leotard.....but sorry dear...out of stock :(

  5. Hi disappointed but still so delighted you got the are really fab.its really such a lovely leotard...thank you sooooooo much....