Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Channing Tatum : "Suri Cruise is a Happy, Playful Little Girl"

Step Up star Channing Tatum found out when he worked with Katie earlier this month on the crime thriller Son of No One. The hunky actor told Us that Suri is nothing but a ray of sunshine:

"[She's] a happy, playful little girl!"

The fashionable celeb tot has been spotted all over the Big Apple lately in her pajamas and slippers, wearing bunny ears and sipping from a bottle.
On the set, Suri and Katie "definitely" seemed close, Tatum added. According to Tatum, he can't wait to work with Suri's mom again.

"She's already wrapped on the film," he explained. "I wanted to do more stuff with her. She really brings it in the movie --- just you watch!"

Source: Celebrity Baby Scoop


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