Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Update: (April 5)

Our little Suri is training for the future
"Birdie´s Big Girl Shoes"

It's amazing how Suri tries to be a big girl!!, see her bedtime story....Wow!!!!, that if a life is around the fashion :)

Suri carried the book Birdie´s : Big Girl Shoes
"In this picture book by Sujean Rim, Birdie is totally tempted by her mommy’s heels. Her mom warns her that she isn’t ready for them but that doesn’t stop Birdie. She discovered that although she felt totally beautiful and glamorous that trying to play hide and seek or to do a cartwheel in pair of stilettos…well it just isn’t practical. She discovers the magic and practicality of her own bare feet".

you can buy it this book HERE!!!!!

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