Monday, March 24, 2014

Back to Home

Katie and Suri pictured leaving New York's JFK Airport on Sunday (March 23th, 2014). Mother and daughter spent a few days out of the city in a trip that included a stop in Disney World on Miami, Fla.

Suri is wearing the Zoey Peplum Coat from F/W 2013 Collection by Milly Minis (sold out)


with the Striped Heart shirt (sold out) by The Children Place

and Riding Boots (out of stock) by Gap Kids (she first wore them on October 10th, 2013)


  1. I love the dress of Suri.The color of her coat is very nice.Her striped Heart shirt is too good. But it is sold out..

  2. are you sure on the top? on Suri's top black lines are visible trough the heart...

    1. Yes, looks a little different because I had to make some changes in photoshop (the image was very poor quality)

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