Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mommy please! 
Can my friend come to home with us?

Katie , Suri and friends walk home from school in New York City on november 6, 2012)

Suri, who wears a paper "VOTE" necklace, makes some very funny and expressive faces as she says goodbye to her friend, who after some sad faces from her best-friend, walk with the group to have fun at Suri's house (so cute).

Suri is wering Allyssa Black Leather Mary Janes shoes ($98) by Ralph Lauren Kids.

with Addison Faux-Fur Coat ($206.50) by Milly Minis and Pink Leopard print backpack ($17.46) by Gap Kids (she first use on august 17, 2012)



  1. Her hairband is from Liv and Lily. Violet Affleck wore the same hairband.

  2. Skirt is from Crewcuts:
    It's this one ....
    in this color....

  3. Yes, I think in this skirt but suri's one have something blue in the bottom :/