Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dinner Out

Katie Holmes holds hands with her daughter Suri as they leave a hotel in the Tribeca area of New York City on Monday (September 17). The 33-year-old actress tried to sooth Suri, who appeared upset about the attention they were receiving. For the same reason I'm just posting a few pictures, because I'm not a big fan of post in the blog picture of Suri crying or upset for the paparazzi's attention.

Suri is wearing a Sybella dress in floral print ($65) by Cheeky Chaz. This is a new brand added to Suri's wardrobe from Singapore! and they made a few dresses specially for her. 

and Gommette ballerinas for Girl by Roger Vivier (available just in France and HK. She first wore on june 26, 2012)


  1. So sad about the paparazzi... they should not take pictures of crying kids.. it's just wrong. I love love love that one-strap dress though + matching green nails! Just not with the red shoes and purple hairtie...

  2. I seriously hate the paps. They should have to stand a couple feet or miles away from the celebs. Especially when they are with kids. I would rather have horrible quality pics than having Suri upset because all these mean are crowding her and her mother.

    1. I think the paparazzi should've stopped taking photos when they saw how upset Suri was.
      There are photos of Suri at the park on Saturday wearing the same dress, but the photos are shot from far away, like these should have been.

  3. LEAVE SURI ALONE!!! Would you paparazzi like it if someone followed you everywhere when you were 6 to the point of where you CRY and then they told the whole world you were "just upset as you were leaving" like it has nothing to do with them??!?!