Friday, August 17, 2012

Disney World Princess!
Part 3

Later on july 30, Tom and Suri enjoyed a lunch with some friends in the Blizzard Beach Water Park and then went to the Cinderella Castle, where Tom rent the complete cinderella suite for him and his little princess.

The Castle's muraled breezeway is open to the public and people can eat inside Cinderella's Royal Table restaurant overlooking Fantasyland, but the suite is generally reserved for charities and events (lucky Suri) ^^!

***Cinderella's Royal Castle where Suri & Tom spent the night.

Suri is wearing Splendid 'Nutmeg' Stripe Bubble Dress ($68) by Splendid Littles

and Flores Flip Flops ($17) by Havaianas



  1. Did Suri get a haircut?! No! Her hair was so long and pretty!

  2. haha I think she's pretending the tag is a phone :)