Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On daddy's movie set!

Getting stuck in the rain to visit her dad, Suri Cruise was spotted arriving on the set of “Oblivion” in New York City this afternoon (June 12). In a new interview Tom’s told to reporters that Suri initially was not a fan of his guyliner/nail polish/leatherpants look in Rock of Ages

Suri is wearing Utility Coat in Lilac as an exclusive creation for her, based on the adult version of this jacket by Holmes & Yang. (She first wore on march 19, 2012) Thanks to H&Y's staff for the exclusive picture for Suri Cruise Clothes Blog) and Bella Ballet Flat ($39.95) by Nordstrom (she first wore on March 9, 2012)



  1. is she wearing a nightgown? do u have the info? thanks

  2. Is this jacket from Holmes & Yang? Niiiiiiiice, I love it! :)

  3. ilovesurihc: no, as I said on the description, was made just for her based on Holmes&Yang woman jacket ;)