Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stylish at the Gym with her Bodyguard!

Suri Cruise leave Chelsea Piers with her bodyguard on Tuesday 27, 2012. I am the only one who thinks that Suri is the only girl in the world who probably is dressed with this level of style to go to a gymnastics class? ... adorable!


OMG! I must be honest with you... this outfit is definitely one of my favorite EVER!! Suri looks absolutely beautiful with her almost 6 YEARS, can you believe that? 6 YEARS! wow!


Suri is wearing Faux Fur Jacket by Juicy Couture (out of stock)

Thanks so much Michele for the stock picture of the jacket

with Girl's Hilly Silk Dotted Dress (out of stock, she first wore on (February 21, 2011) by Little Marc Jacobs and Bella Ballet Flat ($39.95) by Nordstrom (she first wore on March 9, 2012)



  1. OMG this outfit is stunning and my favorite too! I'm in awe of Suri's style ^-^

  2. And the jacket ?

    1. Calm down, I'm sure Nat is looking for it ;)

  3. old Juicy Couture, looking for stock pics.

  4. Haha her and I have sorta the same birthday. Her's in on the 23rd right? Mine is on the 22nd of April!

  5. OMG look at this!! I want this dress!! :)


    it's also funny because I used to wear my hair in braids like that all the time when I was her age (in order to get wavy hair...) so she looks kinda like me in 2004-2005 ;)

  6. Here is a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mPP1OORm3U&feature

  7. Suri looks so much like her mom in the top photo. :) great outfit.