Friday, September 9, 2011

Out with Nanny!

Suri Cruise is photographed leaving her New York City apartment with a nanny. Suri is all dressed up and wearing red lipstick.

Suri hold the Bumble Bee Cuties Doll ($49.99) by Cabbage Patch Kids.

She is wearing Little Girl's Embroidered Eyelet Dress in navy from S/S 2010 by Kid by Phillip Lim (out of stock) and Silver Ballet Flats (130,00 €) by Repetto (she first wore on july 26). Suri wore this entire outfit on september 2, 2011.


  1. Lipstick is a no-no for a 5 year old.

  2. I don't think it's that bad. I mean, she's wearing flats and plus she's in nyc where people accept that kind of thing.... I'm just glad this stylish Suri came way back over the last month or so!

    <3 the hat. Will look for it for u ok.


  3. I agree with Anonymous. Love Suri's outfit and the hat is really cute, but lipstick (moreover red) on a 5-year-old is not right, doesn't matter where she is. But that's just my oppinion =)

  4. The doll is so cute!
    Love her outfit. I don't like the lipstick, but it is ok :)

  5. I love suri´s lipstick!!!!!!! LOL she look like snow white!!

    (My Opinion):
    I think there are things even more inappropriate for children than a lipstick. This is "theme" just because Suri is a celebrity. There are even more inappropriate things for kids, as beauty pageants where girls are exposed to the eyes of perverted people and dressed like older women. Someone has seen the video of a girl (3 years) in a beauty contest dressed as Julia Robert's "Pretty Woman"? (you know that outfit I mean)

    THAT´S inappropriate!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not a red lip.

  6. These people just haven't seen toddlers and tiaras!! lol

  7. GUYS!!!
    I don´t want this to become a fight. I am very grateful to all those who visit my blog daily.... you make my days happy.
    We can all give our opinions. But sometimes I think we judge so hard this lovely little girl. If she wear a dress too short, if she use pjs, if she use makeup, if she doesn´t wear clothing perfectly, etc, etc. And we forget that it's just a girl who is discovering the world like any other child, who make mistakes and are experiencing new things.......... as a red lipstick!!

    all my love for u GIRLS!!!!

  8. Thanks Nath =) I also don't want to fight with anybody, and I think you're completely right.

    Anonymous12, I actually watch Toddlers & Tiaras LOL but only sometimes, because I totally agree there are SO MANY inappropriate things, such as a girl dressed as Madonna, or Lady Gaga...

    And the lipstick it's okay for me. As I said it's not completely right, but it's not a big deal. I can't remember well, but I guess even I tried lipstick when I was 5 years old.

    Sorry for any inconvinience of me!! Kisses ^^

  9. OMG love that hat and outfit she put together!

  10. my girl is 3 and she goes tru my lipstick too.
    its really harmless. if u actually wan to wipe it off her, then the struggle begins. Then, my girl will asks for a tissue to wipe it off herself.
    hi nath, i was searching a long time online to purchase where else i could get that philip lim dress. thanks nath!

  11. out of stock! :( because is from last S/S season