Friday, July 29, 2011

Katie & Suri: Dance Shoe Shoppers!

Katie carries her sweet daughter Suri as they head into Worldtone Dance on Friday (July 29) in L.A.

The 32-year-old actress and her 5-year-old cutie shopped for a pair of brand new dance shoes. Suri held on tight to her toy doll as they looked around the store.

Suri is wearing the Girl's Tiered Sweater Dress in pink ($138) by JUICY COUTURE. (She first wore on january 29) and the Silver Ballet Flats(130,00€) by Repetto (she first wore on july 26)


  1. So sweet!
    I like the outfit so much...

  2. Those shoes are like $200 and they look exactly like a $5 pair at Wal-Mart.... lol.

  3. I'm not a big fan of Juicy couture but this dress is soooooooo beautiful!!!!!

  4. She is still on the sippy cup. I'm pretty sure it is a platex sippy cup.

  5. Not only that she still uses the binky and a bottle! I wonder if they put her in diapers too. So backwards.