Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Wicked" Broadway Date.

Katie Holmes treated daughter Suri Cruise to an even of Broadway as they pair checked out "Wicked The Musical" (for 2nd time, Suri saw this musical last year) in New York City this evening (March 16). Following the show, the mother daughter duo avoided conversation with the paparazzi, but little Suri said more than words with her many facial expressions.

Suri is wearing the Valentine Heart Nightgown (sold out) by GAP KIDS

the beautiful Deluxe Tangled Rapunzel Slippers $16.50 by DISNEY STORE.

and the Ruffle Trench Coat (she first wore on march 11 - out of stock) by GAP KIDS.


  1. I love her hair and beautiful heels!!!! chic shoes my daughter love that movie, maybe suri too :)

  2. so cute heels!!!!!........but i dont understand why is katie always dressed more warmly than suri? :s
    nice blog ;)

  3. i want her heels for me lol!!!! .....nice blog :)

  4. Yay she's wearing heels again! Cute!!!


  5. This is not yay- this is sad (the weraing heels). And why katie is always dressed warmer than Suri- because it's freaking cold in NYC. So cold. Katie just fails at dressing her kid right. A pair of tights or leggings wouldn't ruin that outfit at all.
    I do like what Suri wore back in time, that's why I visit that blog, and because I really like how this blog is done.
    Thank you Amanda and Natalia ;) Really nice design and everything.
    I have one question: How do you always find out the brand so quickly? Even if you can hardly see what she's wearing?

  6. Hi PAULA:
    Over time we have become experts, and is a secret, but we have some extra help ;)
    We know perfectly the style of the brands, so we know quickly if Suri uses some particular brand.


  7. Her dress is still on sale. I have the link to it if you want it. I also have a link to that splendid littles dress she wore one easter.