Sunday, December 19, 2010

Katie and Suri leaving their apartment in NYC.

Katie and Suri were spotted leaving their apartment in NYC on Saturday night ( December 18), after Katie was to dinner with Tom to celebrate her 32nd birthday. Suri was very fun to make faces for the paparazzi =)

She is wearing the White Off Wool Coat by BURBERRY (out of stock)


  1. I post this pics at my blog, with your name alright?
    If you find the dress that she is below the Coat, could you tell me?


  2. I really appreciate the kind of topics you post here. I have been wanting a Burberry wool cote but cant afford one so decided to get a knock off. I have been on some web sites but cant find any for men. I am also looking for this one.

    Best regards
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  3. The Leopard bow dress Suri is sporting is by Matooka Kid's Couture! Check it out at for locations nearest you!!

    You can visit our Facebook page at:

    Happy Holidays!!

  4. We sold this dress at Peach and Plum, but it completely sold out!

  5. oh....well....everyone want suri´s style LOL