Monday, September 27, 2010

Update: H&M

Thanks to the people of H&M for the confirmation of this adorable set of hat, scarf and mittens, that Suri use on february 10th 2010 in NY. This set corresponds to the F/W collection of last year, so unfortunately is out of stock :(

I am very happy that the people of H&M liked my blog. I want to thank my co-worker, Amanda, thanks dear for all the work of promotion and distribution of our blog. You're the best publicist on the planet!!! :)


  1. the hat/scarf/ and mittens are Crewcuts last winter.

  2. Hi dear Jennifer:
    Thanks so much for ur post. But we have the confirmation that this set is the last collection for H & M.
    Maybe you saw a similar set. If you are 100% about this information I would appreciate if you could contact me at my mail.
    If you have a picture of this set, the crewcuts, I appreciate being able to see some photographs. Since people of H & M confirmed that this set was his last collection.

    Thanks so much honey and welcome to SURI CRUISE CLOTHES BLOG.